Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's PLAY!

We have some friends that live about 3 miles from us and they have a little girl, Emmie, who graham LOVES to play with! They always have so much fun together!

graham was shoving teddy bear in my face for kisses

graham was really putting some muscle into pushing emmie

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Dentist Appointment

Graham had his first encounter with the dentist on the 17th of Feb. yes, i am a wee bit behind but i totally forgot. i've actually totally forgotten to blog about a lot of things. oops.


back to the subject.

we decided to go ahead and take graham to see the dentist even though we knew there wasn't anything that could be done right now but we just wanted him to get used to being there. he did really good and i think he actually liked it. and he did NOT get that from me. i hate being at the dentist cause i know that it's gonna cost me a lot of money. my husband says my mouth is worth more than our vehicles combined. wonderful.

dr. marks gave graham a good report and said that his teeth looked great BUT he will probably have to have braces in the future because his mouth is so small...and that is because his head is so small. and his teeth be crammed in there and crooked...and that is already happening with his bottom teeth. poor kid is getting his canines in and they are pushing his four bottom front teeth all kinds of together and every which way since there isn't a whole lot of room for them. poor kid. lol.

I better start a savings fund just for braces because I am sure that in 12 years, they will be even more expensive. but what do i know?