Saturday, February 28, 2009

the pucker face

G was excited about seeing his container of food
and then he quicky realized that it was pears and made his pucker face

and then decided to spit it out and it went upwards instead of out or down. ha!

friday night, the 27th of Feb was the first time we gave him pears. he puckered up at first but quickly got over that. he gobbled them up. of course.

time for spring pictures

at graham's school on friday, they had their spring pictures so i decided to volunteer to help his teachers get the babies ready and get them to and from where they were taking the pictures. i had so much fun bonding with all of the babies. they are all so cute and so sweet! i couldn't help but to love all over them! but i soon realized that EVERY SINGLE BABY IN THAT CLASS had a cough and runny nose. it's no wonder graham is always sick. they continuously pass it all around. graham still hasn't gotten over it and with the way the weather has been in arkansas, i fear that it will be a long while before his cold is long gone. earlier this week, we were wearing short sleeves and enjoying the warm beautiful weather and tonight it has been snowing. CRAZY, wouldn't ya say???

I don't have the proofs back from his pictures but I did get some pics before we headed to school.
btw, i don't know if you can really tell in these photos but graham's eyes are this GORGEOUS shade of green with a few brown dots. oh, they are so pretty! I do hope they stay that way! ha!

not a meat kind of baby...

last sunday, we all went to sam's to do our BIG grocery day at sam's and super-walmart and we picked some different baby foods for graham to try. we got him Turkey and Turkey Gravy and well....he may just turn out to be a vegetarian.

he smelled it and knew something terrible was coming (it seriously smelled like canned cat/dog food)

decided to give it a chance.

Look at those eyes begging for daddy to help him.
after a few bites, I just couldn't bare to feed him anymore of that nasty nasty stuff.

fruits and veggies it is from now on...we also gave him a little bit of white grape juice but i don't think he is quite ready for it. he had been doing so well about not spitting up, but that juice totally ruined it. think it's just too much acid for his poor lil belly to take right now.

open up and say ahhhhhh

in the last post, i talked about graham eating and opening wide for me while "saying" ahhhhh....we were able to catch it on video Tuesday night while feeding him sweet potatoes. So cute!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A lil love note to my baby boy....

this morning for breakfast, i fed you stage 2 bananas and you were so funny! after every bite, you would open your mouth up and say, "ahhhhhh." oh, you had me in stitches! I know you probably didn't know what you were saying at the time but it was just so cute! I wish I would have had a free hand to video record you.
it's a monday and we are at home together. you aren't feeling too well but act like you feel GREAT! you have been battling a cold ever since you started daycare in November and for the last couple of weeks, you have been so well! No coughing, no fever, no wheezing or raspyness...just a lil bit of a snotty nose every so often. but last night and this morning you have been coughing and again, it sounds terrible. i took your temperature and it's 101 and so i gave you some tylenol. you are such a good medicine taker. as soon as you see the dropper come towards your mouth, you open up so wide. the ladies at daycare love giving you your reflux medicine because you don't throw a fit. you willingly let them give it to you and it amazes them and myself every day. you are such a good baby and you have blessed mommy and daddy so much. i honestly can't believe how we got so lucky. i love you so much baby boy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sitting up...

Look at this big boy! Sitting up on his own now...sometimes he tends to fall over and topple on his head because he wants to reach out and grab at something but we have been working on it and he's getting so good at sittin up for longer periods of time! I can't believe it! He tends to grunt a lot while he is in this position because his belly is so big! ha!His new Baby Einstein Caterpillar toy

Today we tried his first stage 2 foods...mac and cheese!! He definitely liked them better when we warmed them up in the microwave. We also tried Peaches this past week and he liked those too...BUT...I think he's going to be much more of a veggie baby because he tends to make the "sour face" with his fruits.

eating his peaches and puckering up

Stage 2 - Mac and CheeseWe have had a pretty great week even though it's been pretty hectic. Thursday night we ate at Texas Roadhouse with the Kelly's. Graham never wanted out of his car seat so he stayed in that the entire time and didn't make a peep. He just enjoyed people watching and fell asleep towards the end.

Amy & Caroline
Graham passed out

Saturday afternoon, my friend Jennifer came over to visit with us and she was so excited because she got to feed Graham some sweet potatoes....i think they were sweet potatoes...or were they peaches?? my goodness. my memory just keeps getting worse. what am I going to do with myself? Anyway. Saturday night, graham and daddy had guys' night at the house and I went to dinner with some of my girlfriends and celebrated their birthdays. We went to Big Whiskey's for dinner and then had a couple of drinks at Flying Saucer and Willy D's/Deep. That trip downtown made me realize that I am getting so old when all i can think about is how bad my feet were hurting from the BCBG heels that used to be my favorite. yeah, we were all home by 11pm. ha! I had a great time with my ladies though!

today, we spent the entire day grocery shopping. first trip was to Sam's and then Super Wal-Mart. as always, graham did great! he just loves to people watch and is amazed by all of the hustle and bustle. and when he is tired, he just falls to sleep. but when we returned home chad said we must have left our baby at wal-mart because graham SCREAMED his head off for an hour.

now the baby is asleep, daddy is catching up on past seasons of Heroes and mommy is about to lay her head on her soft pillow and slip off to dreamy land. night night.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

such entertainment...

...our little boy is to us. it's so much fun to do stuff and have him mock us. Sorry for sounding so vulgar in the video. I love how the video captures the many expressions that g always makes.

Tonight we tried out Squash and I think this may be his favorite so far. He barely let anything slip out of his mouth!

So far we have tried:

Rice Cereal - Jan. 8, 2009

Sweet Potatoes - Jan. 19, 2009

Bananas - Jan. 21, 2009

Green Beans - Jan. 26, 2009

Prunes - Jan. 31, 2009

Peas - Feb. 6, 2009

Carrots - Feb. 11, 2009

Applesauce - Feb 14, 2009

Squash - Feb. 18, 2009

And he likes them all. I'm so happy for that too because I certainly don't want him being a picky eater like his mommy. Now, people tell me...when do I start giving him stage 2 foods?

So...this past weekend while we were in Texarkana visiting with my family, Graham learned how to scream. We both thought it was soooo cute and funny. That was then. now, our ears are constantly ringing because he just loves to scream. all the time. just for the heck of it.

All is great with us! Graham is getting bigger everyday and is so much fun! He's turning into such a little boy and it's bittersweet! He loves to stand on his legs. I will lay him on his back and pull him into a seated position and he starts trying to push up cause he wants to stand. so I will help him up and he will stand on his legs for a good minute. his legs are getting so strong!

Below is how I found Graham sleeping in his chair. guess the tv must have been too loud for his taste.

g is screaming so i better go!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Graham and Daddy always have so much "silly fun" as I like to call it.

Making a mess with his carrots in Texarkana
He's into chewing on his tongue these days
Yoon Hee, Steven and Graham
not too sure of the applesause at first

playing with his daddy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

can i just say....

...that having graham is the absolute best thing i have EVER done in my life??? never in my life did i imagine that I would be able to love THIS much. this kind of love is just indescribable. he is so much fun and such a joy to be around. he really is an awesome lil baby. he loves to play with his feet and tries to get them as close to his mouth as possible. poor thing, he just can't quite get them toes in there. he tries. he struggles. he grunts until he has pushed all of his food back up and out of his mouth. that big ole belly gets in the way every time.

he's very interested in everything around him. textures. colors. sounds. i love it when i have him on his changing table because if he is not playing with his feet, he is feeling all over the wall and just staring intently at it. and then grabs everything in sight. the other day he grabbed his vicks babyrub jar and threw it at me. unintentionally i am sure...well, i hope it was unintentional. maybe he was mad at me for making him wear the things that i put on him. i think he looks awfully adorable in the clothes i pick out. maybe he doesn't think so. maybe he doesn't like all of the fuss and just wants to be in his footed zip-ups all of the time.

graham loves his daddy so much and he loves it when daddy gets home from work. as soon as he sees chad, he has a HUGE smile on his face. it just sends me through the roof. i just want to fly!

he is showing so much interest in all of his toys now and it's so cute. i can definitely tell which ones he likes and the ones he could care less about.

here lately, he only wants to nap laying on my chest. and it makes me cry. he is such a sweet lil cuddler and i just lay there and squeeze him as tight as i can and kiss his soft hair and stroke his beautiful skin. and i am constantly thanking God for blessing us with such a wonderful baby. chad and i have never been so happy. so content. so loved.

i love all of his jam. toe-jam, underarm jam, neck jam. i should just bottle it up and save it. or not.

when i read to him, he seems to be pretty fascinated with what's going on in the pictures. i'm always talking to him. explaining to him what i am doing, why i am doing it, where we are going, why we are going there. i read that it's very important to talk to your babies. it helps their language skills. when i picked graham up from school the other day, i was talking to him the entire time. about his day. about my day. asking him what he wanted to eat for dinner. and he was talking back to me. ms. karen said that he acts like he knows exactly what i am saying.
and then i talk to him all the way home. and it carries on until daddy gets home. and by that time, my jaw hurts and i take a break and let daddy do all of the talking.

and he watches tv. is this bad??? other mothers out there, what is your take on watching TV? bad? good? whatever? when g gets bigger, i definitely do NOT want him to be a couch potato. but is it okay now? it sure does help when i am getting everything ready in the morning and he has something to keep his attention. maybe i should just let him play by himself for a while without the tv on. what do you think?

just some random thoughts for the day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

graham's first trip to the zoo

Saturday afternoon Graham and I met up with our friends, Amy, David and Caroline Kelly along with a few of Amy's friends and their babies! We had a long train going with all of the people we had in our party. We had a great time and I met a lot of wonderful people! Graham did so wonderful at the zoo. he really cared more about people watching rather than looking at the animals. one day he will love the zoo and all of the animals as much as mommy and daddy. he was so laid back and just chilled the entire time. i was so proud of him. i was a lil apprehensive about how he would act since i had to wake him from his nap to get him ready so we could make our 1pm meeting time. but he did awesome! he even took a lil nap during zoo time. chad seems to think that since graham is so chill right now, he really WILL go through the "Terrible Twos". Oh, goodness, let's hope not!

Amy and Caroline
All of the babies except for Mia. She is 5 wks old and was packed up in her stroller. these are all of the "big" babies. I believe Graham is the youngest of this bunch in the pic. Amy, correct me if I am wrong.

watch the change in facial expressions as i procede to take one picture after another.

"mommy, ENOUGH."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

various pics of our lil man

Taken on Graham's 5 month birthday! Can you BELIEVE he is already 5 months old?!?! Where does the time go???

Graham's first taste of peas...not too sure about them but then he warmed up to 'em.
Working outand now he's passed out...that workout wore him out!