Wednesday, October 28, 2009

halloween costume numero dos

Who loves Shrek??? WE DO!! Puss in Boots is one of our favorites.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

shake your groove thang

yes, my child is dancing to "ms. new booty." ha!

most nights we go through all of the music channels on our tv to see which one graham will start dancing to...and it almost ALWAYS lands on a hip hop/rap station.

i apologize about the shakiness of the video but we could NOT stop laughing!!!

graham loves to shake his groove thang!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

arkansas state fair

last saturday, the 17th, chad got a RARE day off...actually he got the entire weekend off which was soooo nice so we decided to head to the fair. it's been raining sooo much lately and we finally had a beautiful but chilly day to walk around, people watch and eat all kinds of yummy food.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

question about going private...PLEASE HELP!!

in order to view a private blog, are you ONLY able sign in with a gmail or yahoo account????

it's time to go private

after going back and forth so many times, i have finally decided to go private with our blog. i post wayyyy too much information about our family and i would like to be able to know who is reading.

if you would like to continue to read our blog, please send me your email address. you can either send it as a comment or email me at even if i don't personally know you but you like to read, please send it to me. :)

i've posted before about going private and even if you sent it to me then, please send it again.

thank you guys so much for reading and i would love for you all to continue.

basketball scouts: please watch!!

we filmed this a couple of weeks ago when mimi was here helping us with graham.

will we ever be well???

so....graham has a tummy bug...AGAIN. or we think it's a tummy bug...pretty sure it probably is a mild one. this poor lil boy has been through the ringer and back when it comes to being sick. and when graham gets sick, mommy gets sick. i don't even know where to start or where i am even going with the blog post besides to say that i'm tired of germs and tired of my baby being sick.

friday morning, we woke up to find graham in his crib sleeping in his vomit. and it was all over his crib, all over his floor. oh, it was a mess. but he seemed fine. no fever. was happy as a lark. he didn't throw up any all day. and then friday night as i was feeding dinner, he projectile vomited everywhere. but he never acted like he felt bad. again, happy as can be. running around and playing, laughing, being silly. he just threw up and was good.

he slept well all night and was great when he woke up saturday morning. so we decided to head out to the state fair for some fresh air (and a couple of turkey well as cotton candy, funnel cake, homemade lemonade). graham did great!! he was excited about the fair and was so happy even though he did want out of his stroller at some point but we made him stay in for the most part...i was being a bit of a germophobe. we did let him pet a goat...but the sanitizing queen or witch, perhaps, was right there with my Wet Ones.

and then we got home and fed him lunch. and he started grunting super loud and then the butt volcano erupted. oh, it was bad. poor guy. and it's now sunday evening, and he has had two more explosive diapers since. make that three. chad just walked in here to inform me that he had another big one.

oh and let me just say that i have been TERRIBLY nauseated since last sunday. driving home from texarkana was the most miserable ride EVER. i layed in the third row and thought i was DYING. thank goodness i never vomited but i have felt the same ALL WEEK!!! I don't know if i got the tummy bug while in texarkana or what. i didn't know if it had anything to do with my cold either...i was afraid i was getting the flu. but we certainly know that I AM NOT PREGNANT. :) I feel a lil better now but last week was pretty darn miserable.

i just want all of us to be well again...i miss it. and will NEVER EVER take it for granted.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

blues baby

Friday, October 16, 2009

razorback fever

Thursday, October 15, 2009

johnny appleseed

out of all of graham's toys his favorites include bowls and tupperware.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

let's go for a ride

faster daddy FASTER!!!

lil update on all of the sickliness

we ended up taking graham off of the tamiflu on day 3. his rash wasn't clearing up at all after combining it with benedryl. thankfully the tamiflu worked so quick but i hated not being able to finish the five day dosage. mimi came up from texarkana to help us out. mimi's are so awesome!! she stayed sunday night - wednesday evening. by wednesday evening, graham was doing great and could go back to school thursday. but i started feeling sick wednesday so i had to go to the dr. thursday morning. dr. did a nasal swab which felt like he was pulling my brain out from my nose. terrible. and it was negative. whew. just a viral cold. it's now tuesday and i still don't feel that wonderful. one day i feel like i'm better and then the next day, i'll feel horrible again. bleh.

this past weekend was my 10 year class reunion in texarkana. geez. i feel old. more on that in a future post.

sneak peek...but not really

i started searching for graham's halloween costume a few months ago and immediately fell in LOVE with this one as soon as i saw it. you can tell that graham didn't love it as much as mommy did. i took these pics a few weeks ago and it's already too small. :( and they didn't have a larger size. so i had to buy another costume. puss in boots. from shrek. it's so cute!! we chose Puss In Boots because chad talks JUST like Puss. it's the voice that he gives our cat, sebastian. it's hilarious. puss is getting pretty snug too though.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

family day

tuesday chad was off of work so i decided to take off too and we went to eat lunch at cheeburger cheeburger, got graham's hair cut again at pigtails and crewcuts and then went to the zoo. we had a blast even though graham was a lil crabby all day. we thought it was because he has his 6th tooth coming in but it was probably because he was getting sick and feeling bad. :(