Wednesday, October 17, 2012

25 weeks

Today I am 25 weeks along. Not much new to report. We have a super hyper lil baby inside. Constantly moving and constantly kicking me in the bladder. And everywhere else.

4 year checkup stats

A couple of weeks ago I took graham to dr. Martin for his 4 year checkup.
He didn't like his shots at all but didn't fight too hard. Guess its tough to fight when your legs and arms are being held down.
Graham is growing like he should. Nothing major to report.

Here are his stats:

As of october 1st
Weight: 41 lbs
Height: 42 1/4 in.
Both in the 85th percentile.

She said his biggest growth spurt was this past year and I certainly believe it. I bought him 4t pants and jeans last year at the end of fall/winter season and this year at the beginning of fall, they don't fit. Go figure. Thank goodness Hendrix will have a lot of barely worn hand-me-downs.

Veggie Tales

We took graham to see Veggie tales live at the First Baptist Church in Benton Thursday night, oct. 4th. He absolutely LOVED IT!! He got to have his picture made with Larry and Bob afterward. He didn't quite understand why they wouldn't talk to him. So I told him they had to save their voices for the next show...