Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hendrix's Vintage Rock n' Roll Nursery

Hendrix's nursery is BY FAR my most favorite room in the house. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into that room. Well, mostly the latter. The chevron ceiling is definitely what was the most challenging and I can tell you that it will NEVER EVERRRRRR happen again. But in the end it was totally worth it because it looks awesome!! My husband is such a great man to do all of the tracing, taping and painting. The ceiling took three weeks. And once that was finished we were able to put the rest of the nursery together.
The background behind the theme goes a lil something like this:
In my household growing up, we listened to my parents LP albums A LOT. And it was all mostly 60's and 70's rock so I grew up with a real appreciation of those decades and I still love the music of those days more than anything. I grew up listening to my dad strum on his guitar and grew up LOVING the Beatles. Mom and Dad had this wicked velvet painting of John Lennon that I absolutely LOVEDDDDD. So when mom and dad divorced, dad gave me this beloved painting as well as all of his albums. Fast forward many many years and the albums were still all at my mom's taking up space and the Lennon painting had spent its last ten years either under a bed or up in the attic.
Before we knew we were having another boy, we had a lonnnngggg list of girl names that we couldn't decide on but we only had one for a boy. And that was set in stone. JACK HENDRIX. Jack because it's a family name on Chad's side and Hendrix...well, yes...because of Jimi Hendrix, THE greatest guitar player OF ALL TIME.
So because of all of these great things we decided to do a rock n roll nursery so I could finally display all of the things that I loved most about my childhood. AND my dad gave me his awesome vintage guitars that we just hung tonight so I don't have pictures yet. But if u can picture it, they are hanging on the wall on both sides of the album display.

34 weeks

34 weeks...ready to have this baby. Swollen but blessed. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

fall 2012 family photos

we had our annual family pics taken the first weekend of november.  we had so much fun doing them.  melissa reibe took them and she is great! 

32 weeks

32 weeks today. Large and in charge. And largely blessed. :)

We have been so busy here lately trying to get the nursery ready. We are doing a vintage rock kinda thing. I absolutely LOVE IT! I will post pics once it's all finished. If that ever happens. :)