Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Graham's Fall Pics at school

love this little dude. 

4D Ultrasound of Hendrix

We had 4D images done of Hendrix on November 5th at 28 weeks.  Mom and Graham went with Chad and I.  It was really neat for Chad because he didn't get to go to Graham's because he was in Dallas for work.  Graham was excited for the first two minutes and then decided that it was much more fun to play games on the iphone. 

Hendrix is going to be a BIGGGGG baby and a big boy.  When we went for my 18 week ultrasound, the tech measured his femur and said that his legs were a little below average and that he would probably be shorter than graham.  But when his femur was measured at 28 weeks, that was a completely different story.  He is measuring up to be another tall one and weighs more than Graham did at 28 weeks when we did graham's 4D.

hendrix didn't let us get many good photos of his face because that is where he likes to keep his arms and hands.  he's soooo incredibly precious, though.  of course, right? 

 This one is my favorite because he is smiling.  :)  I hope he was dreaming about all of the fun he is going to have with his big brother! 

30 weeks THIS WEEK

30 weeks!! That means that I'm down to the single digits in number of weeks left til Hendrix's arrival!! Yikes!! And yes, I know how to do my math. :) The doc will do my c-section at 39 weeks instead of 40...if I last that long.

28 week belly photo

Here's to 28 weeks...the week of nov 5th. This pic was taken by Melissa Reibe Photography. She's awesome. And I'm dying to see the rest! They are for our Xmas cards. If u would like a card this year, email me your address. Sgueck@gmail.com

Oh, the one of all three of us is just a snapshot that my mom took before the photo session started. :)