Monday, September 20, 2010

i know a handsome lil guy that is 2 years old!!

our lil guy turned 2 years old on sept. 5. to celebrate, chad and i took him to the zoo. he loves the zoo, loves all animals and LOVED talking to all of them.

we had his birthday party on sept. 19 at the wonder place. he had so much fun with all of his friends. we are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

The Rhodes Family. Tal, Payton, Tabatha and Brady...who is hiding

there's brady!

Jeff and Shana

Gage, Brad, Jett, Rylee and Amy

pratt and hannah

Russell and Cruz

Mallory, Desha and Madyson

corbin, david, amy and caroline

sam, calleigh and rebecca

jackson, josh, quessa and colin

madison and tristan

hi jenn!

our family

amy, rowan, penn and todd


our little firefighter...who looks like he just put out a fire on himself since he is soak and wet

graham, nittara and andy
esme and morgan

Graham's 2 year stats:
height: 36 inches - 75%
Weight: 31 Pounds - 75%