Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy 2 Months

I cannot believe Hendrix is two months old today. It just doesn't seem possible.

Two month stats:

Weight: 11lbs
Height: 22inches

Big boy he is! He should be as much as he eats.
Dr. Weed was very impressed that he gained 5 pounds in 4 weeks. When we brought him home from the hospital, he had lost 9% of his birth weight so they were a little concerned. But all is well in the weight gaining department.

We couldn't be any more blessed to have had two wonderful babies. I just knew that because graham was such a great baby, that the second would be a nightmare. But my fears proved me wrong. Hendrix eats well, sleeps well, poops well. Hardly ever cries. How did we get so lucky?!?