Thursday, August 2, 2012

14 weeks with baby #2

here is our ultrasound pic at 10 weeks.  i forgot to post about my appt.  sorry.  blame it on pregnancy brain.  :)  my appt last month was pretty uneventful besides getting to see our precious kumquat on screen and seeing the little heart beating along.  we didn't hear the heart beat at that appt because it was too early.  i do have to say i was a little disappointed that we didn't get good ultrasound pictures...well, not as good as we did with graham.  but oh well.  at least there is a baby in there.  :)

i mentioned in my last post that i will see my endocrinologist ever four weeks.  when i saw her in july, she upped my synthroid dosage to .88mc. 

today, i had another appt with my endocrinologist and she upped my dosage to 100mc ONLY ON THE WEEKENDS.  during the week, i will continue taking .88mc.  i hope this isn't a continuing trend.  last month when i started taking .88, i felt REALLY bad for two weeks.  constant nausea.  hopefully it wont be so bad since i will only be taking 100mc on sat and sun. 

after my endo appt today, i went to my ob appt.  i got to hear the heartbeat.  YAY!!  the fetal heart rate was 155.  baby has a strong and LOUD heart beat so that calmed my nerves quite a bit.  i have been so nervous this entire pregnancy.  i guess because this time i am going through it with thyroid disease and that makes me a bit uneasy.  but as long as my endocrinologist and i stay on top of things, everything should be alright. 

let me just say right now that if i was as sick as i am now when i was pregnant with graham, he would be an only child.  ha. we are so thankful for the blessing that the Lord has given us but MAN, HAS IT BEEN ROUGH.  constant nausea, migraines like you wouldn't believe, severe constipation.  my oh my.  and i'm already having back pain. this child is already testing me. 

well, that's all i have for now. 

my next appt is aug. 30 and at that appt, my ob's nurse will schedule our ultrasound with radiology so we can find out the gender. 

everyone says girl....what do you think?

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