Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jack Hendrix arrived on Monday, January 14

Our precious Hendrix was born Monday, January 14th at 2:28pm weighing in at 7lbs 6oz and 19 inches long. His arrival was certainly very hurried and unexpected. My c-section wasn't scheduled until Friday, jan. 25th but God and Hendrix had plans of their own....

It all started the Saturday morning before...I woke up bright and early sat morning with a crazy urge and a lot of energy to cook a full on breakfast. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, the whole nine yards. Mind you I had been on bed rest for the last week because my blood pressure was high so getting up and cooking breakfast was certainly a welcome change. As I am cooking breakfast, I have some leakage which I thought was discharge. I wondered if it was my water breaking but it wasn't that crazy gush that you always hear about so I go ahead and finish up with breakfast and then decided to get back in bed and rest.

I never had any contractions Saturday or Sunday so I just figured it was discharge and not my water breaking and nothing to worry about.

Come Monday morning I have my weekly appt with my OB at 11:15am. First thing we do is take my blood pressure and weight, as we always do. My blood pressure is higher than it was the previous week so OB tells me that she's going to send me to the hospital to have some tests run.

In the meantime, we carry on with the rest of the appt. she measures my belly, listens to the heartbeat and does cervix check. I tell her about what happened Saturday and she decides to do a test to see if I'm leaking amniotic fluid. OB leaves the room to run the test and five minutes later I hear her on the phone with L&D telling them that she is admitting me today for a c-section. My heart starts racing and I'm freaking out! Sure enough, she comes in and tells me that we are having a baby today! Then Here comes a nurse scooping me up in a wheelchair and hauling me to the hospital. I call chad and tell him and of course he's freaking out too and he still has to go home to finishing packing my bags and pack his bags. I called my mom and she's like WHAT?!? Everyone is in a state of panic and I'm panicking inside. Here I am all by myself getting my gown on, monitors slapped on, IV inserted. Madness all around. I just kept praying that chad would make it there before they wheel me to the OR. It's all happening so fast.

The contractions start with a vengeance and I can't get any pain meds or my epidural until they take me to the OR. You women that have your babies naturally are my heroes because I was having major anxiety with the contractions. I don't do pain. Thankfully Chad made it in plenty of time. They hauled me back to the OR around 1:30pm and gave me my spinal blockage which was AWESOME. I felt NOTHING which was completely opposite with graham. With graham, They had to keep giving me more and more epidurals to make the feeling completely go away.

The c-section this go around was so much better than the first time. Probably because I wasn't completely exhausted after pushing for three hours with G.

When Dr. H showed me Hendrix after she pulled him out, I was completely overcome with tremendous emotion. I wondered if it was going to be possible to love the him as much as I love graham but in that moment I knew. Your heart grows so much bigger and the love for your family is just insurmountable. Truly amazing.

I hated that my mom wasn't able to make it in time for h's arrival but it was amazing to share those first moments of h's life with just my husband.

Hendrix is 3 weeks old now and is such a wonderful baby. He hardly cries at all.
Graham is an amazing big brother and loves Hendrix more than he loves anyone, I believe. Ha! He's so protective and wants to be near him all of the time.

I thank God every day for my wonderful family.

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