Monday, July 21, 2008

Chad came home to see me!!!

31 Weeks Pregnant!!!
The front view

Chad and I at Jennifer & Trent's Wedding Shower

Claudia, Jennifer and Me
3 out of 7 of the hostesses...Kari, Me, Jenn (the Bride) and Brandie
All of the girls!
Stephanie & Jennifer

So, my wonderful husband was able to work it out to where he could come and see me this past weekend. He and 3 other guys that are in school with him rented a car and drove home Friday after class. He got here around 10pm Friday night and I cannot tell you how stinkin excited I was to see him!!! We've never gone more than 3 days without each other. Saturday we got up early and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. That's one of Chad's favorite places to go...and then we went to Rave to see Batman: Dark Knight. We wanted to see it at the Imax theater but they were sold out for the entire weekend. So to Rave we went and it was definitely worth it. That was one of the best movies that I have seen in a longggggg time! Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker was incredible and chilling...his best performance I have EVER seen. It's so sad that he has passed. After the movie, we came home and started getting ready for a Couples Wedding Shower that I was hosting for our friends, Jennifer and Trent whose wedding that I am in on August 9th. We had a blast and it turned out great thanks to the help from the other hostesses but we were definitely exhausted and ready to get home to spend as much time together as we could before he left on Sunday. Sunday morning we ate brunch at Ihop with Chad's mom and then went to Wal-Mart to get Chad some things that he needs for Dallas and also went to Barnes & Noble to get books on baby's first year...we are getting close so you can never read enough...although my doctor tells me that I read too much. ha! I'm always asking her about things that I'm reading and she laughs at me and tells me to chill out. Plus, Chad wanted a new daddy book to read...I love how he is so involved with EVERYTHING. He is absolutely THE BEST husband and will definitely be the best daddy. Graham is going to love him so much. After we went to the bookstore, I had to take Chad to the Denny's in Benton so he could meet up with the guys and head back to Dallas. We were so sad that he had to leave because it just felt like we didn't get much time just went by so fast. But hopefully I will see him in a couple of weeks. If he and the guys don't get a rental for the first weekend of August, I am going to go down there to see him...he promised me we could go to Joe's Crabshack...that just about had me sold...but I told him that if he could come home, I would much rather him do that rather than me drive there...Dallas traffic just makes me nervous...I would be totally fine to drive there if I wasn't going to be 32, going on 33 weeks pregnant. Well, anyway...that is the update for the weekend....I have a VERY busy week ahead of me. Tonight I have week 3 of my Childbirth Class. Tomorrow my boss and I are going to Hot Springs so we can scope out some venues for our 2009 Conference. We usually always book the Austin Hotel but I'm ready for a change. We are going to go meet with the Sales Directors of the Embassy and also the Arlington...we are also going to check out Oaklawn because we would like to do some kind of night time activity there at the horse races. I'm going to stay there Tuesday night. Gay Brown with the Arlington offered me a Mineral Bath Room and she's also getting me set up with a bath and massage Wednesday morning! Oh, I can't wait!!! There better not be any ghosts in my room either...I hear stories of the Arlington being haunted. That could quite possibly send me into pre-term labor. I get the heebie geebies just thinking about it. Thursday night, I am going over to Jennifer's house and she's going to play with my hair so we can figure out what we are going to do with it for the wedding. I hate playing with or fixing my hair so I will let her and whoever else is there to have fun! ha! Friday I have my OB appt. I'll let you all know how that goes!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I've posted pictures of mine and Chad's weekend together.

Sebastian didn't want daddy to leave either!


Jenn (Dunn) Holloway said...

This was a great weekend for me too...mainly because of the wonderful friend you are to me. Thank you so much for all you have done for our wedding, it has truly been a blessing!

Oh and i love the front view of little graham, he looks handsome! :)

Amy, David and Caroline said...

You look radiant!!! What a fun and busy weekend!!

Amanda Holley said...

Don't worry-staying at the Arlington is so awesome! Russell and I went there for our first weekend away together and have been back many times since. We have never seen any ghosts (not even this New Year's when we stayed next door to Al Capone's favorite suite!) It's like stepping back in time-and you know how I love history! Anyway, you look precious! Hope you have a great time!