Monday, July 28, 2008

32 Weeks

So here I am at 32 weeks and counting...we are getting so close and I just can't believe it. I went to Dr. H today for my checkup and Graham is growing like he should be and I'VE LOST WEIGHT!!! YAY!!! She said that's a good thing cause it's showing that my fluid and water retention is going down due to me lowering my sodium intake...I'm so conscience now of how much sodium is in everything. But that doesn't mean the swelling has stopped...oh no sir! With the heat, it's so hard NOT to swell...but if that is the biggest problem that I am dealing with, then I have to say we are all pretty blessed. I just hope that the pregnancy continues to go as smooth as it has been. Graham and I had a busy but also a boring weekend. We definitely missed Daddy all weekend. :(

Friday, I met my friend Jennifer at the mall to do a lil bit of shopping and I found the cutest dress at Forever 21. I cannot wait to wear it this weekend in Dallas...Then Kari met us and we went to St. Vincent's Hospital to see our friend April who had surgery that morning. Bless April's heart, she hasn't had it easy for the past couple of years and her doctor had to remove one of her ovaries as well as a fallopian tube...Saturday we did a lil running around town and went grocery shopping and then realized it was wayyyyyyy too hot and went back home and laid in the air conditioning for the rest of the day/night. It was pretty boring and pretty lonely but I cooked dinner and cleaned up around the house and messed around in Graham's room...I've been living like a slob since Chad's been gone...he's so good at taking care of me and cleaning the house and such. Sunday, I met Mary (Chad's mom) at Ihop and we ate breakfast and then around 4pm I went to Amy & David's house to meet their 3 week old precious lil girl, Caroline!! Amy and I can't wait for Graham to arrive so we can have play dates...well, and MOMMIE DATES! So there was my weekend in a nutshell.
I'm leaving Thursday afternoon for Dallas to see my husband...OH MY GOSH, I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!! I miss him sooooooo much and cannot wait to see him and spend time together. I'm going to come back to Little Rock Monday morning. Hopefully while I am in Dallas, I will be able to go to Kellar to see Whitney, Chris and their newborn Hailey Grace and to also meet up with my friend Fleck and her boyfriend. I will be sure to take lots of pictures!!


Anonymous said...

I know you're excited about seeing hubby.. I Know he's ready to see Wifey :)

Shana said...

I'm so happy everything checked out okay at your appointment. That's awesome about the swelling. Poor girl, you need a break in any way you can get it. Please be safe going to Dallas. Enjoy your time with Chad. I love you!