Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodness, I'm terrible at updating!

It's been almost two weeks since I have updated our blog and I do apologize...things have been pretty busy and pretty hectic around the house with a newborn and lots of company in and out.

I went to see my OB last Friday and she said my incision was healing very well so my fall down the stairs didn't hurt the incision...just my rear end...but there's still much cushion so it didn't hurt too bad! ;)

My mom (Mimi) left us to go back to Texarkana on the 19th and Graham and I miss her tons! I know she misses Graham a lot too! She calls all of the time and wants to talk to's so cute cause when I put the phone to his ear and he hears Mimi's voice, he turns his head to look at the phone. He's probably so confused, thinking, "My mimi is a phone?? She sure looks different!" ha!

Chad's best friend, Chad Darnell and his girlfriend, Lindsey flew down from Pennsylvania last Friday and stayed the night with us. We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with them because they had a lot of family stuff to do but it was great to see Darnell (that's what I call him since he's Chad too) and to meet his GF Lindsey.

Then my Dad ( original, huh? ha!) and his fiancee, Cheryl, drove down from Sacramento, California and arrived here Monday to meet Graham. It was so nice to have them here. Cheryl and Dad cooked a lot of food for us to freeze so we definitely won't have to worry about cooking for a WHILE!! We appreciate that soooo much! They left this morning around 7am to head back...but they are supposed to stop in Vegas on Saturday to get married! We will see if they do or not...they seem to chicken out at the last minute quite a bit! ;) They've had their wedding bands for 5 months now!! Committment issues?!?! I told them they better do it or I'm going to call them and "bock" at them a lot!

Graham is just growing by the minute! He is already developing such a personality and he seems to be pretty high maintenance so far! He didn't get that from me, I PROMISE!!! ha! He does like to be pampered like his momma though! I love to watch him while he sleeps cause he makes the cutest faces! The other night he was fast asleep in his swing and it was bath night so I had to get him out of his swing and he never woke up during the bath...he just kept on sleeping and puckering his lips. I'll post a pic of it! It's adorable!!

Not much is going on! All of our company has now left and it's just Graham and I until Daddy gets home...but daddy hasn't been getting home til 9-10pm every night. This new U-Verse program that AT&T launched has all of those guys out working so late. And he is still working 6 days a week. He will have to do that for at least another 6 months to a year. :( I know Chad is hating it too since he doesn't get to see Graham very much. So we have made Sunday's (Chad's ONLY day off) Daddy and Graham day.

Also, please pray for my brother Steven. He is a Captain in the U.S. Army and is stationed in Mosul, Iraq and earlier this week they were hit with an IED and one of his Iraqi soldiers was killed and several were wounded. The one that was killed has a wife who is 8 months pregnant. I pray for him numerous times a day every day and hope that he is being watched over and protected. I hate this war but I know it's what has to be done right now and we can't just pull all of our troops out until they have accomplished what they set out to do. I'm very proud of my brother and all of our other soldiers who sacrifice their lives for others freedoms. They are all TRUE heroes!

Well, I've babbled enough so I'll go for now! Sorry this was a pretty boring post! Hopefully there will be more excitement next time! Not much to say about newborns when they just eat, sleep and poop! :)


Lucy said...

I will definitely pray for Steven and his fellow soldiers! Graham is SUCH an angel and I love the pictures where he is asleep in the bath. How precious is that?! He is so so sweet. You and Chad are such great parents, and it says so much about Chad that he works so hard for you guys. He was made to be a husband and father. Thanks for the update Steph! :)

The Bryant's said...

Stephanie he is just wonderful and his complexion is beautiful! I know you are enjoying being a mommy. I remember when my mom left, i was so sad and didn't know if i would be able to do it without her, but we do ... our instincts kick in and we end up being the best mommy's our angels can have. I promise they grow so fast. I remember wanting so badly for Laney to start talking just so I would know what her voice would sound like and now that she talks all the time it is beautiful sounds! She even sings now, twinkle twinkle, happy birhtday and abc's are her favorite's to sing. And I totally know what you mean about outgrowing your house, you think as babies they have so much around the house ... just wait till they are 2!!!!!

3scotts said...

Thanks for the update! Graham is just precious!! The bath pics are too cute! Sounds like you and Chad have it under control...I know you are just fantastic parents and Graham is a lucky little boy!
Love ya!!

The Ramsey's said...

I love you guys and I miss you so much! Come see us this next week one day! You can get outta the house and I will be laid up recovering! I wanna see that little man!!!!