Monday, September 15, 2008

Graham is 10 days old today!!

Graham taking a nap in our bed
First Bath
He loves his swing!
His first pediatrician appt.

He's already growing up so fast!!! 10 days old!!!!!!! Makes me want to cry! We had his first pediatrician appt today with Dr. R at the LR Pedi Clinic and Graham did so great! Except for having two poopie diapers while we were there. This lil baby poops so stinkin much it's not even funny! All he does is Sleep, Eat and Poop. Dr. R said that he looks great and is doing great! He is back up to his birth weight and then a couple of more oz. He weighs 6lbs. 13ozs. We will go back in a month for his 2nd Hep. B shot.

Everything has been so great with Graham. He is such a good baby! Some nights he will keep us up because he's gassy and will be fussy but for the most part, he sleeps really well at night...he's up every 3 - 4 hours for diaper change and feeding.

Last Wednesday, Graham had his first bath...we were going to wait until Thursday to give it to him...BUT when we were changing his diaper, he decided to pee all over mommy. Chad was in the bedroom helping me change him and it was SOOOOO hilarious! I wish I could have had a video of it. Then Friday, Graham had an explosive poopie diaper that made it out of his diaper and onto mommy's nightgown and boppy pillow. My poor baby! But at least he is pooping good is what the dr. said. ha!

Not much else is going on right now. Last night I fell down the steps that lead down to our laundry room...good thing that I landed on my hiney but now my incision is hurting pretty bad. I hope I didn't tear anything. Guess I will find out Friday when I go to my OB appt. I'll let you all know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Sleep, eat and poop.. sounds about right! LOL. He is so cute! I love that top picture! You are so blessed!

Lucy said...

This blog is so much fun b/c I love keeping up with how Graham is doing! He is such an angel. And he has the pooping thing down so good for him! Good job on the bath. I was scared to death to give Andrew his first bath. Graham is just adorable!!

Amy, David and Caroline said...

Aww, I love the new pics of Graham. At least he has sleep in his equation, Caroline is just now learning what sleep is :) I haven't been covered in poop or pee in a few days. Since, Caroline has reflux, I always smell like spit up. We both change our outfits many, many times a day!!

Stacy said...

aw! that first pic is so sweet!
enjoy these first few weeks as much as possible and soak it all in....cause u can never get them back.....