Monday, August 17, 2009

End of Summer Picnic

last friday was the end of the summer picnic at graham's school. lil man was sooooo extremely tired. at home he has a nap around 9am and then another around 2pm. well, at school, naps are only after lunch. honestly, i don't know how they deal with him every day getting only one nap. but they say he is great. guess he is just too busy and too occupied with all of the other kids. cause here at the house, when he is tired, you better put that boy in bed or you will end up with the worst migraine you have ever encountered. and if you've never had a migraine before, you better believe you will have one after you deal with mr. cranky pants.

so when i got to his school around 10am, i could just tell from his body language that this may not end up on a good note. he kept throwing himself down on the ground like he wanted to sleep. when i would try to pick him up and hold him, he would throw himself straight back. and that is a bad sign. bad BAD sign. when he started doing that, i actually thought about running out of there as fast as I could and not looking back. lol.

but much to my surprise, he actually did pretty good. well, besides being the only child trying to slap plates and food off of the table. all of the other babies sat so nice in their chairs, picking each morsal of food gently off of the plate and putting it into their mouth. what was graham doing?? slapping his hands and arms all over the table, trying to make a huge mess. I wish I would have gotten a picture or a video of it. but i didn't. why? because i had his plate in my arms while hand feeding him. and when i didn't have his plate in my hands, i was holding his plate to the table along with the others plates. and then also giving him his juice box while trying to help with the others juice boxes and then cleaning up the juice that he would squeeze all over himself because he thought that was fun. he wore me out. seriously. wore. me. out. i had to go to work afterwards but I seriously thought about calling in and going home to take a nap. exhausted. beyond belief.

but amid all of the chaos, i found out that graham knows how to drink from a straw. child drank two juice boxes. from a straw. no problemo. you go graham.

they had white t-shirts on all of the babies so they wouldn't make a mess on their clothes. i like.

the calm before the storm

i apologize for the quality of the photos. i only had my small casio. and i also apologize for the rambling. i'm exhausted and my face hurts. tomorrow I will be going to the dentist for the 3rd time in 8 days. went last monday for a temporary crown. was hurting after all numbness was gone . went back friday for them to adjust. told me i could chew on that side. later friday, chewed gum on that side and a pain so sharp that nearly made my head explode. pain never subsided. left side of face throbbing. going to bed now. with loads of tylenol pm.


hannah said...

i know exactly what you're talking about with him throwing himself down being tired! pratt does the EXACT same thing! so cute!

The Jennings said...

Cute pictures! Graham is getting so big and still precious as ever!


Burtons Blessings said...

So cute! He is growing up so fast!