Monday, August 10, 2009

just a few...

...short updates so I won't forget.

Graham is officially drinking whole milk as of last week. His last bottle of formula mixed in with whole milk was on July 29th. He is doing GREAT on whole milk and I cannot even express how happy I am that we are FINISHED with formula!! YAY!!! He is also not eating baby food anymore. it's all big boy food for him. sometimes I'll slide in a jar or two of baby food just to get it out of the cupboard but he really doesn't want it. he's very independant so he would rather feed it to himself. We are still working on getting him to drink his milk from a sippy cup. he is so funny about his sippy cup though. he loves drinking his juice/water out of it but when he realizes that mommy has slipped him his milk in it, he throws it down. i seriously don't get it. guess he just associates his milk with his bottle and nothing else. silly boy.

he is standing up by himself a lot better these days. He is still having to pull up on something in order to stand up but then he will let go and stand for a while. He hasn't taken any steps yet but he will walk with us just holding one hand.

He is saying "uh oh" all of the time. he dropped his sippy cup the other day and said "uh oh". Chad and I about died. It was hilarious.

that's all that I have for ya for now. i think. i'm sure i will remember something while i am drugged up on the dentist's chair this afternoon.

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