Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at mimi's in Texarkana

Christmas Eve Finding a glass ornament to get his hands on

taking his socks off...he LOVES doing that...and gets so excited about it too!

Graham with his Aunt Shana

This is what he does when you ask him to "show us your belly!!"

he points these little fingers when he is trying to figure out what he wants to get into next.
I can't believe how much this lil stinker has grown up.


Daddy is still very much a kid himself. ha!

Here is our left handed batter!

Graham and his Nana (Chad's mom)

We tried to do family pictures and this is the best one that we got! ha! I love it!!! It really shows the true colors of us as a family.

graham with his poppi and mimi

Hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas and did lots of celebrating on Jesus' birthday!!


Melissa said...

yay! looks like you all had a nice christmas!!! that little stinker of yours is looking pretty tall these days... like daddy maybe?

Stephanie said...

girl, he is!!!! He is definitely going to be tall like his daddy...FOR SURE!!!

The Bell Family said...

Graham is so big!!!

jill said...

how fun!!!! i LOVE the one of him in his striped 'jamas with those fingers pointed. my favorite ever of him!