Thursday, January 14, 2010

still not healthy in 2010

so....we have been praying that 2010 would be our year for health...thus far the happiness part has worked out for us...not so much the health. I just added up all of our receipts for Rx, co-pays, dentist, medical, etc. and we spent over 6k in 2009. that is just RIDICULOUS!!!

Graham has had a double ear infection, sinus infection and stomach bug in just these 3 short weeks...I have an ear infection...and Chad has strep throat...yes, again. his third in less than 4 months....soooooo he is being referred to an ENT to have surgery scheduled to get his tonsils and possibly his adenoids taken out as well. Dr. said it's going to be a long recovery and that it's worse for him to go through as an adult. just peachy, huh?

Graham is going to see a urologist on the 22nd of this month to have the dr look at his testes again since they aren't staying dropped. it's been a big concern of ours and his pediatrician since he had his ultrasound a while back. if he needs surgery to have them pulled down, we would rather him have it sooner than later. So please keep him in your prayers.

on the bright side, we are getting the house together....slowly but surely. we just love our house and so proud to call it our home. we have met a couple of our neighbors and they seem so nice. i love our neighborhood. the drive into LR and back is still taking some getting used to but it's not too bad. i just don't enjoy filling up that Sequoia twice a week...but i have been doing a lot of running around and shopping for furniture so maybe once things settle down, i won't be spending 100.00 a week on gas for just the truck alone. I can't wait to start posting pictures of the house decorated.

I've missed all of my blog friends and I apologize that i haven't been commenting or even had much time to read your blogs...hopefully things will slow down soon and I can catch up. I miss you all and i hope you haven't forgotten about us!!!!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of graham for now.

These were taken with my iPhone so the quality isn't the greatest...but you get the pun intended. ;)

graham bundled up and headed to the dr.

having so much fun with his yogurt...he LOVES feeding himself now


Brandi said...

Hope you all get to feeling better soon! Being sick is no fun at all!

Prayers go out for a smooth recovery for your hubby if he has to go through that and for the little guy that something can be done.

Lea Liz said...

Oh goodness!! I hope you all are feeling much better soon!!

Hope both surgeries go well (if they have them)!!!

Meredith Woodruff said...

I'm so sorry y'all have been so sick:(! Not fun at all!!! I hope your husband's surgery goes well. It will be worth it in the long run! I can sympathize about the gas guzzler! I drive an Acadia and I'm in outside sales! What was I thinking when I sold my Accord??? Y'alls new home is so pretty! I remember the feeling of a new house! It's like a clean slate! I can't believe we have been in our house for almost 4 years! I'm not a good mover, so we'll probably be here for a long time;)! Graham is precious, as always!

The Bell Family said...

Oh no!! I hope you all get better soon. Chad will be a new person with his tonsils out.
Can't wait to come visit!!

Amy, David, Caroline and Corbin said...

Hopefully, the rest of the year will give you all a rest from being sick!! Caroline can't wait to check out Graham's playroom tomorrow, so excited!!

Melissa said...

hey girl..
i just wanted to tell you that i miss you around bloggy land. i know you still post, but not daily or weekly like you used to. i understand though, believe me!
second i dunno if you remember or not, but last summer i was asking you about thyroid cause i thought i might have problems too. anyway, im going to the dr about it in the morning. im kinda nervous. alot nervous really. but, thank you so much for talking to me about it back then and encouraging me to get checked out. i haven't forgotten that kindness.

i hope everything starts looking up for you guys soon.