Monday, February 22, 2010

have you missed us?

i have been so horrible, just terribly horrible at updating our blog. things have been busy for us and by the time i get to rest in the evenings, i just don't even have the energy to get on the computer and blog. but i am going to do my best to catch up today.

chad is scheduled to have surgery on march 2 to DEFINITELY have his tonsils taken out...while the dr is doing that, he is going to look and see if he has to take out his adenoids.

graham is going to have surgery that same week on march 4. thankfully he is not having surgery to pull down his testes cause the pediatric urologist said that is not something to worry about. they will drop completely when they are ready. what he IS having surgery on is to correct his circumcision. when my o.b. did the operation while graham and i were in the hospital, she did what they call a "conservative" circumcision and she didn't take off enough of the are going to have it redone. we have asked every.single.pediatrician. that we have seen about it because we knew it didn't look right and said that he would grow into it and he just had a fat pouch. well, when we to see the urologist, as soon as he opened graham's diaper, he said "Oh. he isn't circumcised." and i said OH YES HE IS. so he offered to redo it. thank goodness. all of the other drs said that graham was just chubby and the urologist said that graham has thinned out enough and that is no longer the case.

man, that is going to be a crazy week with both of my guys having surgery. but thankfully i will have both of our moms here to help cause i don't have much vacation time left at all.

so...what else has been going on??? how about I just do a lot of separate posts. :)


Melissa said...

i HAVE missed you!!! glad you are back... keep us posted on the surgeries!

The Bell Family said...

We (I think I can speak for everyone!) have missed the Neiplings!! Two surgeries in a week, get some rest. We'll keep you all in our prayers. Chad will feel like a new man!