Thursday, February 25, 2010

can't think of anything to put here..hmmm...PICTURES?

the day after the major snow, we decided to get out and do some shopping. it was my brother's 34th birthday so we wanted to get out and celebrate. we had lunch at cantina laredo which was YUMMMMMM and then we went to the mall. and then we met up with one of our childhood friends and had dinner at Sekisui. my sis-in-law has those pictures and well, i'm still waiting on them.

my brother and his wife, Melissa (Yoon Hee is her Korean name)

Steven, our momma, me and Graham

steven, melissa, mom, me and will notice that poppi is missing because he had to work in texarkana...and chad is absent as well. he had to go to dallas for a week for work.


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