Tuesday, March 16, 2010

18 months old

he had chocolate all over his mouth. a had just introduced him to his first Thin Mint.

our lil boy turned 18 months old on the 5th of March.

I can't believe he is almost 2 years old. I know everyone says this...and so will i...but where did the time go??

Graham's stats:

Weight - 28.8 and 80%

Height - 33.5 inches and 97%

Head - 18 7/8 and in the 50%

Dr. M said we could take him off of whole milk and give him 2% now since he no longer needs all of the fat that's in the whole milk. chad refuses to stop the whole milk though...so we are butting heads on that issue.

Dr. M also said that graham is going to be tall like his daddy! YAY!!!

His appt went well. he only had to have one shot and it didn't bother him what so ever. he didn't even flinch. but i guess that really is nothing compared to the surgery that he just had the week before.

He is at such a fun age and every day he impresses us with his knowledge of things and how fast he is learning.

Here are some of the latest happenings:

  • he is so good at following directions.

  • has so many words in his vocabulary. he is ALWAYS talking...as long as Dora or Diego isn't on the TV. he LOVES them. and will completely ignore you while they are on.

  • he has been watching basketball with daddy. so now when he plays with his big basketball goal, he bends his knees to throw the ball.

  • everytime i sit on the floor indian style, he will walk backwards to sit in my lap. i love it.

  • on the 8th of march, he said "i love you" to me. it was when i picked him up from school and was buckling him up.

  • on the 10th of march, he got in his high chair all by himself. we were amazed. we have been teaching him to go to his chair when he is hungry. usually he will stand there until we pick him up and put him in it. so one day after school/work, i told him to go to his chair if he's hungry...well, i ran back to use the bathroom real quick before i fed him and the next thing i knew, he had climbed up the barstool and into his chair.

  • knows all of his body parts...hair, ears, mouth, tongue, teeth, cheek, chin, nose, fingers, toes, "privates", arm, legs, elbow.

  • he is wearing 24 month/2T clothes

  • wearing size 7 in shoes

  • size 5 in diapers

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jill said...

when did he get so grown up????? he looks like a big kid in those pictures, mom! so glad the appointment went well ... they get big SO fast!