Tuesday, March 16, 2010

march madness...and i'm not talking basketball

it's already been one heck of a busy month so far.

chad had outpatient surgery to have his tonsils removed on Tuesday, March 2nd. we were in and out of there in an hour. It was like a drive thru tonsillectomy. they sure did cause a lot of pain in the short 15 minutes that it took for the actual surgery. Chad was off of work for two weeks. he went back yesterday but is home again today and not feeling well at all. guess he just did too much at work. :( poor guy. he has been in a lot of pain but we are slowly but surely getting back to good.

Graham had his surgery the same week as Chad's. on thursday, march 4th Mimi and I took him to St. Vincent's for his outpatient surgery. He had to have his circumcision redone since my OB left too much skin. You can certainly tell the difference between having a surgery at a clinic versus a hospital. they wanted us there at 530am. so we were there at 530. we already did the pre-admissions so we sat there and waited and waited and waited. the surgery wasn't on the dr's schedule til 730am. but at 730am, they were ready to take him back.

in the waiting room...waiting to go backin his gown...doesn't that color blue look fab on him?? or is it green??

thank goodness they gave his a coloring book and crayons. had i known we were going to be waiting so long, i would have brought our own but I thought it was going to be a lot like chad's surgery...in and out...nope...not the case at all.

this is when his sedative started kicking in...he was really loopy.

yep, happy as can be...ready to go to sleepy land...

after the surgery. he was none too thrilled. he ripped his IV out after surgery and blood went gushing EVERYWHERE. I was holding him so it was all over me...and i don't like blood. i was afraid i was going to lose my breakfast.

all better now that he's at home and in bed with daddy.

Graham's surgery went really well and his recovery has been wonderful. he never acted like it bothered him...only when i would clean it and apply neosporin did he flinch. He's such a trooper!!

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jill said...

you're a better woman than me. i'd be drunk in a closet somewhere. bless your hearts! hope all those boys are well and ready to take care of their mama! :)