Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Trip to Dallas

Relaxing at the pool
After getting Chad's hair cut...he needed it BAD!
Outside of Pappadeaux's
Leafy Sea Horse
Sting Ray
The Sharks
Beautiful 6am sunrise
I left Little Rock Wednesday after work to drive to Texarkana to stay with mom so I could break my trip up and not have to drive the entire 5 hour trip all at once...and boy was I glad that I did that...an hour into the drive, I was MISERABLE...my back and neck were killing me! So I got to mom's and she cooked catfish...it was soooo yummm and then I crashed out! I was EXHAUSTED! I got to sleep in Thursday morning and left mom's around 11am to head to Dallas. The trip actually went by pretty fast and was pretty easy...maybe it was because I was so excited to see my husband! :) So I get to Irving - Las Colinas and let me tell you...these guys that work for AT&T are spoiled! They seriously have it made! The apartment complex is on the same campus as the AT&T headquarters and training building and is all VERY nice! But let me say that it's FREAKING HOT AS CAN BE IN TEXAS!!! The highs were between 110 - 115 degrees!!! Why didn't anyone warn me??? Thursday evening we ate at the AT&T cafe and it's not regular ole cafeteria food...it's actually some really good stuff!! We didn't do a whole lot cause I was tired from the drive and really I just wanted some time to see my hubby! Friday Chad had class and I slept in...or tried to sleep...I didn't sleep at all the night before...may have been because of the 4 root beers that I had at the cafe. ha! Too much sugar! So I had a headache for most of Friday...when Chad got out of class, we got ready and had dinner at Joe's Crabshack...YUMMMMMYYYYYYYYY....Saturday morning we woke up EARLY and got some breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and then went to the pool. It was nice because it was just us two...no one else! We had a good time just relaxing and Chad pulled me around the pool while I was on my raft...the only time I got off of that thing was to use the bathroom...I was in HEAVEN! We spent 4 hours at the pool and then got ready to go eat. We ate MORE seafood at Pappadeaux's and it was GREAT!! It was the first time for me to eat fried alligator and I have to say that I LOVE IT! After dinner, we came back to Chad's apt and laid our butts on the couch and watched TV the rest of the evening. I think we were both so exhausted from our day at the pool. Sunday we got up and went to the Dallas World Aquarium. That was so neat and is definitely worth the trip for those who haven't been before. Chad loved the Shark tank...I think that was his favorite thing. After the Aquarium, we tried to find the Holocaust Museum but were never successful. We were disappointed but oh well. There's always next time. I was craving Mexican food so we went to eat at Pappasito's...again it was DELICIOUS!! Sunday night I didn't sleep very much....not sure why...guess I was just sad to leave my husband Monday morning...but I finally woke up around 5am and packed up my things and hit the road around 6am as soon as Chad left for class. Boy, what in the world was I thinking??? That was a tough ride home and I was so tired so I stopped at mom's in Texarkana and took a good 2 hour nap and then hit the road back to Little Rock!! I was so happy to be back in Arkansas, that is FOR SURE! There is just NO WAY I could live in Texas with that heat. I stayed swollen and drained the ENTIRE time...that's one of the main reasons we didn't get out just a whole lot. The car couldn't even keep me cool enough. WHEW! Texas is where the devil lives cause it's hot as HELL!

That pretty much sums up my trip to Dallas...I know, not too exciting but I was just so happy to get to be with Chad. He comes home Friday at some point and then has to leave again Sunday morning for St. Louis for two weeks. :( I'm ready for him to be home and STAY HOME! I miss him so much! Graham does too! I'll take new belly pics this week and post them when I get a chance.

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