Wednesday, September 9, 2009


we had graham's birthday party last sunday at our house. we had so much fun and enjoyed getting to see our friends. but i assure you, it will be the LAST time we have a birthday party at our house until we buy something bigger. ha!

we had a slideshow playing during the party. unfortunately we had to bring graham's tv into the living room because the bulb in our main TV blew out the week of the party. of course it would.

this cake was the pooper of the party. the lady that I asked to make it did a baby shower cake for one of my friends and did an EXCELLENT job. well, i asked this same lady to do what she wanted to with graham's cake BUT i do want it to be COLORFUL, WHIMSICAL and MATCH HIS PLATES, CUPS, ETC. well, this is what I got. a green and white cake with PLASTIC animals. I honestly could have just done this myself. what a disappointment. at least it tasted good.
here is a picture of some of the plates that we had for his party. does it look like the cake matches this???

Graham and his mimi. he adores this woman. i can't blame him. she is pretty awesome.

graham was super excited to see his friends. which so happened to be all girls. graham needs more guy friends in his life. ha!
here he is welcoming Rylee to his party.

saying hello to miss caroline...

and to miss calleigh as well. graham and cal went to daycare together at cdc and hadn't seen each other since we switched him back in june. i think he remembered cal because as soon as he saw her, he ran right over to her and gave her a big welcome. it was so sweet!
trying to rip the bow off of his presents.
our house full of guests

graham wasn't too interested in opening presents. it was more fun for him to play with his friends. so mommy ended up opening all of them.

graham loves music and loves to dance so I bought him a singing card that played, "i like to move it, move it" from the movie Madagascar. It was definitely a hit!! he kept bouncing up and down. so fun!

Thank you to all of our wonderful family and friends for making this such a wonderful day for our little boy! He had so much fun! We are soooo blessed!


Lea Liz said...

Looks like he had a great birthday party, the decorations are all sooo cute!! Happy one year!!!!

The Jennings said...

Happy Birthday Graham!