Tuesday, March 22, 2011

and the terrible two's is upon us

I should have taken a video of the HORRENDOUS fit he threw instead of just a picture. I have NEVER in my LIFE seen a child throw such a fit. over what, you ask?? I have no clue. usually he is pretty vocal about what he is upset about. nope. would not say one word. instead he screamed and cried. I picked him up from school one day and all was great. until i snapped the last buckle. that must have snapped his temper cause MY OH MY. WOW. and it was the first full day that Chad was gone to Kansas so it was just me and my lovely temperamental child. We live about 4 miles from his daycare and he SCREAMED and threw himself ALL OVER his car seat all the way home..that child...*shaking my head* by the time we got home, he had both of his arms out of the straps and was laying sideways over the arm rest of his car seat. LORD HAVE MERCY.

we pull into the garage and park. child is STILL throwing a fit. So i unbuckle him and he leaps out of his seat and starts throwing any and everything that he could find. at that point, i left the door open and went inside the house. well, that just ticked him off even more so he threw himself on the floor kicking and screaming...and this ENTIRE time...from Daycare to Home, i'm trying to talk to him and asking him what is wrong and what is upsetting him and he won't talk to me. finally, i gave up. and sat on the floor next to him and cried too.

I thought we were going to be so lucky and not have to deal with the dreaded "terrible two's" that everyone talks about but we were definitely not so lucky. it's like, as soon as 2.5 arrived, our child changed.

We have plenty of wonderfully good days...but then when we have bad days...well, they are very trying for me. He is bull headed, strong-willed and if you tell him he can't have something, you better be prepared to duck cause he will throw something. Poor child got it honest because both Chad and I are stubborn and have attitudes and tempers. but even on our worst days, i honestly wouldn't have it any other way. cause we all have bad days, right??

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