Tuesday, March 22, 2011

graham's weekend at mimi's

this past weekend, graham and i were supposed to go to two birthday parties but at the last minute i decided to let mimi and poppi keep him. I was soooo exhausted from my week of pure busy-ness at work and at home (I started bootcamp on the 14th...ummmm, WOW is all I can say about that) and I really just needed a break and needed some serious ME time...like seriously serious. that bad.

We met mom in Arkadelphia around 4pm at the Cracker Barrel parking lot...while I was waiting on mom to arrive, SEVEN cop cars flew by with their sirens and lights on...come to find out, a former White Hall cop had taken his ex-wife and her boyfriend hostage on a house boat on an island on Lake DeGray. The former cop ended up killing himself...craziness...anyway...

These are all pictures mom sent me of their weekend...

Graham picking a flower for mimi

taking a spin on the golf cart with Poppi....and this golf cart is BAD NEWS, by the way. Mom called me Saturday afternoon and told me they were in an accident...my heart stopped. completely. graham was being graham and ended up face planting on the floor of the golf cart. Mom told me that he was alright and that his face was a little red...so I was thinking, okay, no big deal, graham is ALWAYS running into something, falling or jumping off of something...he is quite the daredevil. well, that's not the end of the story...you will have to scroll down to see more pictures....

going fishing!!

and then mom sends me this picture Sunday afternoon...Do you see my child's face?!?! that's not just a little red. that is like A LOT OF RED...AND HORRIBLE. I just wanted to cry!!



but yes, his face looks terrible...and it's all dark and crusty and scabby now.

Ouch. and he face plants AGAIN. I'm seriously going to have to send a bodyguard with graham when he goes to Mimi's. someone that can keep up with that child. he is a mess!!

and what did i do the entire weekend with the house ALL TO MYSELF?!?! Well, I cooked...I cleaned...and cleaned...and cleaned some more...hung out with some friends on the patio...cleaned out closets and switched our fall clothes to spring ones, planted flowers, read lots of trash magazines and watched lots of trash tv...ahhhh, it was FABULOUS!!!

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