Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my first trip to Chuck E Cheese's

Yes, MY first trip.

that i can remember.

my brother had a birthday party there when we were kids but i was very little. and then growing up, i had always heard bad things about the place...

but my mom came in town the weekend of the 12th and she's taken graham to CEC's before and she said he loved it.

So, we got up that Saturday morning and Mom and I had our usual morning coffee sitdown...i love our coffee sitdown's. this is where we usually catch up with everything that is going on in our lives....i mean, usually we talk everyday so we don't have much to catch up on but I have been so busy with work lately and since I am doing the "single parent" thing while Chad is gone for work, i am completely exhausted when graham goes to bed and not in the mood to talk on the phone...anyway, i digress.

So we do coffee sitdown and decide to go eat some Vietnamese food...did that...good stuff...but not as good as mom's. duh, of course. Then we head to Chuck E Cheese's and....wait for it...wait...for...it...okay, I seriously had more fun there than Graham. Man, I was all about those games and getting my long string of tickets. I would get totally bummed when only one or two tickets would pop out. grrrrr....ha! Good thing mom was there to chase graham around while i played games! haha!

Graham had a blast too but it was already WAYYYYY past his nap time so we didn't get many smiles out of him.

Okay, this picture right here...the one below the typing was HILARIOUS to me! Graham was all happy riding in the school bus and all of a sudden this lil kid jumps in there with him. Graham looked at him like, "dude, this is MY bus. What are YOU doing here?" too funny! I know it's a little dark. sorry.

YES!!! I got him to smile!!!

I can't wait for Chad to get home so we can all go to CEC as a family...and Chad can chase graham around while i have fun playing games. :)

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