Monday, August 11, 2008

34 Weeks Pregnant!!!

6 more weeks to go!!! YAY!!! I went to the doctor today and everything is good. My blood pressure is good and my weight is good. Graham is still growing like he should. It was a pretty boring visit. I asked Dr. H why the joint in my hands hurt so bad and why it hurts to walk bare foot and she just said it's cause of the swelling. Told me not to be worried about it. It's just a part of being 8 1/2 months pregnant. I go back on August 25th and then after that appt., I will see her every week.

Chad came home from Dallas this past weekend! YAY!! I was soooo happy to see him!! But we had a BUSY weekend!!

Friday morning, I had Jury Duty Orientation and I was hoping that I would be able to get out of it but no such luck. There's a number that I have to call every Tuesday starting September 2nd to find out if I have jury duty on Wednesday (I'm a Wednesday juror). My jury duty begins September 1 and lasts til Dec. 31, 2008. In that time frame, I have to serve 10 times. ugh. What a pain in the butt. But when I go into labor and have Graham, all I have to do is call Baliff Richard and tell him and he said he will take care of me. I made sure to make nice with one of the baliff's. :) Jennifer & Trent's wedding was this past weekend as well so I had to be in Hot Springs Friday afternoon at 4pm for rehearsal. After rehearsal, we all went to dinner at Back Porch Grill that is located inside the Sunbay Resorts. I had the filet and it was FABULOUS!!! Oh man, I wish I could have ordered another one. Chad didn't get to go to rehearsal or dinner with me cause they were driving back from Dallas and then they had to go to their garage to load their trucks to get ready to leave Sunday morning at 1pm. But I left Hot Springs after the dinner and got home at 8pm...and Chad pulled up right behind me! :)

Saturday morning I had to pick up my bridesmaid dress from Bridal Cottage after having it altered 4 times...this time it FINALLY fit perfect! YAY!!! I still felt like a huge tent though. Chad and I ate lunch at El Porton and then we came back home and I got ready for the wedding. I had to be in Hot Springs around 3pm so Kari (another bridesmaid) could fix my hair! She did an awesome job!!! The wedding began at 7pm and was absolutely GORGEOUS! The ceremony was very sweet and very emotional. I am so happy for Jennifer and Trent...when I get pictures, I'll be sure to post them. Chad and I left the reception pretty early cause we were both POOPED! We got home around 11pm and crashed shortly after.

Sunday morning, we had brunch at Cracker Barrel and then I had to take Chad to the AT&T garage for the guys to leave. :( It's always hard watching him leave but thank goodness it's only 2 weeks this time. I plan to keep myself SUPER busy and hope that time will fly by fast!

That's all of the updates that I have for now!! Be sure to leave me some comments so I will know our friends and family are stopping by! :) Love you all!


3scotts said...

You look so stinkin cute Steph!!! Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

You're doing so good with your blog! And you look fabulous! :)

Diane & John said...

Sorry I got behind on the blog with the wedding here and all. Can't wait to see you Wednesday!!

~Bekah said...

U LOOK GORGEOUS! I added pic's of u opening Graham's bag to my blogspot! :)

~Bekah said...

haha, and we have the same blog background! haha...none of the others i liked...haha