Monday, August 18, 2008


My Gosh...when people have said "growing by the second", I really never thought they meant it LITERALLY. But yep, they did. That's me...that's Graham. Growing by the second. It has all certainly been a blessing but this being uncomfortable mess is TOUGH...I know, I know...just wait until labor. Well, I'm ready! Let's go into labor! Let's have this little boy...well, let's wait 2 more weeks...THEN LET'S GO INTO LABOR! ha!

Graham is doing great...but Momma on the other hand is TIRED. A good night's rest certainly is few and far between but I guess it's just preparing me for motherhood.
Chad gets home on Friday and boy, ARE WE EXCITED!!! It will certainly be nice to be waited on hand and foot! hee hee!

Last Friday at work, we had a retirement person scheduled to come to our office at 10am to talk about our 401(K) options. First of all, I am super tired, super swollen and SUPER miserable. I look at my watch and realize that it's 2 minutes after 10am and no retirement person...I'm getting very antsy and very impatient cause if someone is coming to speak to us, they better be on time or at least calling us to let us know why they are late. In the door walks Lucy that used to work at DRS as one of our Grants Coordinator who had a baby boy 9 months ago and is a stay at home mom now, and she has her son Andrew in tow. My first thought was, "YAY!!! There's Lucy and Andrew! I have been dying to see them but CRAP, that retirement person is supposed to be here any minute now." And then they walk in my office and Lucy says, "I'm here to talk retirement to you guys." Boy, am I confused cause I thought Lucy was staying at home...I had no idea that she was working for CitiStreet as a retirement specialist. And then Morgan, who took Lucy's place, says "Surprise!!!" Now I am REALLY confused!! Someone else then shouts out that Kelsey, another one of previous Grants Coordinators who also had a baby a year ago and decided to stay at home, is on her way. It was at that point that the bells in my head went off!! My office planned a surprise baby shower for me!! I couldn't believe it!! I can't believe they pulled it off without me knowing anything! But these days, I pretty much stay in La La Land in my office and am pretty much oblivious to what is going on around me. It's definitely what they call "Preggo Brain." I just can't believe that they did that for me. It meant so much and I seriously wanted to cry cause it was just the sweetest thing. I am so blessed to have a job that I love, a boss that I adore and look up to as a father figure and a staff that is truly amazing and we all get along so well! And to top it off, Lucy and Kelsey were there too with both of their babies!! It couldn't have been any better!!! Thank you so much guys!!

DRS Staff as it is now: Lindsey, Morgan, Me, Lauren and ButchW/ Kelsey and Anna and Lucy and Andrew


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet of them!!

Lucy said...

I'm so happy that you had fun! We are so excited for you, Steph!! Graham is one lucky little boy to have you and Chad as his parents. :)