Monday, August 25, 2008


FINALLY!!!! After months and months AND MONTHS of looking, we finally found the perfect SUV for our expanding family! We did buy the Toyota Sequioa today and we are soooo excited! We didn't get to drive it home though and that saddened me but oh well! Makes me look forward to tomorrow so much more! They are going to detail it and there are a few scratches that they are going to buff out for us. It was such a great deal that we just COULD NOT pass up! There's so much room in there and I just know it's going to be perfect for us!

Tonight we also packed most of my stuff for the hospital and all of the things that we will need for when Graham arrives. WOW! It's so exciting to know that at this time next month, we are going to have a precious baby boy in our lives. What a blessing!


Jill said...

Oh..... I love Toyota's!!!! My boss has one and I LOVE to drive it! We are happy that Graham will make his arrival soon! Rest as much as you can now!

3scotts said...

That's a big car for such a little Steph but you will look good in it!! :) Congrats!

Lucy said...

Yaaa new car! You will be so glad you have it when you're getting Graham in and out of his car seat and when hauling baby equipment to grandparents' houses. So smart to get a bigger car!! It's gorgeous! xoxo