Monday, August 25, 2008

36 Weeks

I had my 36 week checkup this morning and I am 1.5 centimeters dilated and 60% effaced so that means that our baby boy is getting ready to bless us with his presence! YAY!!! There's really no telling how long it will take...could be this week, could be next. It's just a waiting game right now. I'm not having any contractions yet either. I thought I was going to be excited about being dilated but now I am in a state of panic. I THOUGHT I HAD MORE TIME! I'm at work right now trying to get some things finalized but my head is in a million different places. I still don't have his nursery completely organized but oh well. I'm just going to have to chill out and do what I can. Thank God Chad is home now because he's so awesome! He mopped and steamed all of the tile, hardwoods and carpets on Sunday. Our floors certainly needed it! We still haven't purchased a bigger vehicle yet either. Hopefully that will happen in the next day or so. We are going to Parker Cadillac this evening to look at a Toyota Seqouia that we just LOVE! We saw it at the dealership yesterday but they were closed so we couldn't talk to anyone. It has LOWWW miles and is a great price. We just need to drive it and look at it really well. They are also going to provide a carfax report too. Well, I better get back to work...I have so much to do! Love you all!


3scotts said...

YAY...Bring on the baby boy!!! Your pics are cute! You are still all belly!!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!