Friday, October 31, 2008

I walked away and MISSED IT!!!

Graham has been so stinkin fussy ALL DAY LONG and I have tried everything possible to make him happy and he's just not having it at all. So I decided to put him on his tummy for a bit and I walked to the fridge to take a sip of my diet coke and I walked back into the living room only to see that HE IS NOW ON HIS BACK!!!!!! My 8 week old rolled over and I TOTALLY MISSED IT!!! Guess he was so upset and throwing such a fit that he flipped himself over. :( That just shows you how quick you can miss something so wonderful. Pooey Pooey Pooey! He's fast asleep in Daddy's arms right now. Thank Goodness. Peace and Quiet is nice...if only for 10 min. :) Here are some pictures I took earlier in his lil outfit that his Nanna bought for him. Oh and guess what?!?! He's crying again!

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Amy, David and Caroline said...

I love all the new pictures!! Sounds like my world!! We are for sure getting a very strong welcome into motherhood!!