Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mimi & Poppi's Weekend

In his outfit that his Aunt Shana bought for him

Thanks Granpa for my bouncy seat! I love it!

Mimi and Poppi came to Little Rock this past weekend to see Graham. Mimi decided that she can't go more than two weeks without seeing him so I guess we are all going to be doing a lot of traveling either to Texarkana or from Texarkana for them. They arrived Saturday around noon and Mom loved on Graham ALL day. I think the only time she put him down was to change his diaper. ha! Poppi on the other hand is a SUPER busy body so he worked in our yard all day. He knows how busy we have been and especially Chad since he's working 6 days a week. So Poppi pruned our trees and cut down a shrub and put a new mailbox up for us. The yard looks amazing!! I told Poppi to come every weekend and help with things we need to do to get this house on the market. :) Pretty Please Poppi? While mom was loving on Graham, I took it as my chance to get out of the house and make returns from my shopping trip that I had on Thursday. Chad FINALLY got a day off on Thursday so he and Graham had their day together and I went shopping for clothes and also did some Christmas shopping too. Can you believe Christmas is just RIGHT around the corner?!?! Crazy!! So back to Saturday...Chad was able to get off at a decent hour Saturday night so we all ate at our favorite place, Sekisui...I was soooo happy to be able to eat my sushi again! It was FABULOUS!!!

Mimi and Poppi left Sunday afternoon to go back to Texarkana and Chad, Graham and I ran some more errands and then Nana came over.

I don't have any pictures of the weekend cause well, I forgot. So sorry! But I do have some various pictures of Graham.

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