Monday, October 13, 2008

Swaddling is VERY important in our lives...

So last night around 11pm Graham had a MAJOR wet accident on himself while I was feeding him in our bed that went through his diaper and onesie and through his thick swaddle blanket and onto our this point we are so exhausted because we had spent the entire Sunday shopping and running errands, cleaning house and cooking dinner and this is the LAST thing we wanted to deal with...thankfully we have an extra set of sheets thanks to Ms. Diane so Chad changed the sheets and cleaned up the mess and we decided to try to swaddle Graham with a receiving blanket cause he likes to sleep all snug and wrapped up...yeah, that didn't work for too long cause he fought himself out of it. The swaddle blanket that we always use has velcro so there is no way he can fight his way out. I really did not want to have to wash it last night but it the back of my mind, I knew it was going to be inevitable. But I waited. We swaddled with the receiving blanket a couple of times and put him in his bassinet and quickly jumped into bed and turned the lights out fast while he was tucked in and quietly sucking on his passie. Not even a minute later he was out of his blanket and screaming bloody murder. We attempted this 3 or 4 times and then I drug my tired butt out of bed to start a load of laundry...finally around 2:30am, everything is dry and he is in his "official" swaddle blanket and fast asleep. Right then and there, Chad and I decided that we are going to Target or Babies R Us ASAP to buy 4 or 5 Swaddle blankets because appparantly it is VERY important and very necessary to have in our lives. It's the only way Graham will sleep hours at a time. Whoever invented this, you are obviously a mother and you are a genius. Thank you! I VERY HIGHLY recommend it to families out there with infants that don't sleep well throughout the night. When we leave Graham out of his swaddle blanket, he will kick his arms and legs all night long and wake himself up constantly. So...let's see...what all has been going on in our lives??? Well, I already told you about our last pediatrician appt....the Monday before, Graham and I went to Maumelle to visit our friends Amy, David and Baby Caroline Kelly. Amy and I originally had plans to take a walk with the babies but time got away from us and we ended up just hanging out and talking non-stop. I'm not sure that we have a quiet minute when we are together! There's just so much to talk about when you both have newborns. It's so much fun! We are planning to take the husbands and babies to a pumpkin patch next Sunday for pictures and fun time! I can't wait!! Amy also gave Graham a book that was personalized just for him spelling out his first and last name. It's the neatest thing and Chad and I have already read it to Graham. I'm sure he knows exactly how to spell his name now! ;)

My Aunt Judy (my dad's sister) and Uncle Doug are on vacation throughout the entire month of October so they came from Alaska to visit my Cousin Donnie and his family that live in Lewisville, Arkansas and so last Thursday they decided to travel up to Little Rock to visit with Graham and I and to take us out to lunch. Aunt Judy made Graham the neatest quilt and he just loves it. When he gets fussy, I wrap it around him and it calms him down. I'm so glad that I got to see them because it's been soooooo very long!!

On Saturday, Nana (Chad's mom) came over to watch Graham while I got ready for a baby shower for my friends Russell and LeAnn Wolf that was held in Conway. She helped me get Graham ready for the party too! Man, it's so much easier getting ready to go places when you have help. When it's just Graham and I, it takes us a few hours. We had so much fun at the shower!! I didn't hold Graham or feed him or change his diaper the entire time I was there! Everyone was so sweet to let me have a break for a few hours! Man, was he loving all of the attention or what!! All of the ladies were all over him! ha! The men were too! It was so sweet! I love seeing men that love all over's the most heartwarming thing. My friends TJ and Rachel Johnston are having their second baby this Winter and TJ just couldn't wait to get Graham into his arms. It was so cute cause you know how guys usually are around newborns....VERY TIMID usually! I love watching Chad with Graham. He's just the most awesome daddy and husband in the world. He's just a natural. Anyway...back to Saturday night...Chad didn't get to go to the party with us and he was so disappointed. He was so ready to get out and socialize with everyone...Nope, instead he had to work and clean up other people's messes and didn't get home until midnight.

Sunday is our Family Day so we spent the day at Wal-mart and Sam's doing our grocery shopping and we also went to Academy Sports. Chad and I got rid of our gym memberships and decided to buy exercise eqipement for the house. It's definitely a lot cheaper than paying 600.00 a year for the gym. I'm so excited for that!!

This Thursday I have my appt with my OB/GYN so hopefully Dr. H will release me so I can start working out! YAY! I am soooo ready!

Graham is getting bigger and bigger everyday...yesterday he smiled at me and it was the sweetest thing!! I'm just sad that I didn't get a picture of it.

Okay, Graham is screaming so that means he is ready for attention!

When Daddy is home EVERYONE wants his attention!

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SARAH said...

He is just so precious. Growing SO fast!!!

Hey, what friend of yours makes monogrammed diaper bags?