Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bad Mommy???

Am I? Am I a bad mommy for not carrying pictures of my baby?

Friday afternoon when I picked Graham up from daycare, his teacher Ms. Karen asked me if I had a picture of Graham that they could use to hang on their door for a contest. I had to think for a minute if I had any in my purse or in my work bag and nope, I didn't. Ms. Karen said that if they didn't have a picture up of all of the kids, then their door wouldn't be judged so I told her I would be right back. I drove back to my office (which is only a few blocks away) and printed one off for her.

Ever since then, it has been taunting me. Am I a bad mommy?

If you read my next post, you will understand why I was so glad to have gotten the 'Brag Album'. I have been thinking about looking for one at Hallmark but never got around to it. Thanks to Jennifer, I don't have to look around. I got one at the party. And now I carry pictures of my baby in my purse.

The guilt has subsided. okay, not really. I still feel terrible. people, please tell me it's okay and I'm not a bad mommy. :)

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Amy, David and Caroline said...

You are not a BAD MOMMY!!!! I have been asked numerous times for pictures of Caroline and nope never have them with me. I really need to put some up in the house!! I had decided to put a digital keychain on my wish list, so I will always have pics if I am out and about!! I need a brag album too!! You are the most WONDERFUL MOMMY!!