Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mommy's Night w/the Girls!

Every year my girlfriends and I get together for our annual Christmas party and this year it was at Kari Hill's house. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it this year for a couple of reasons. 1) With Chad's job, you never know what time he will get home and 2) Graham has been sick and running a lil fever here and there and I didn't want to leave him if he still had one. Thankfully Chad got off really early and he decided to have a couple of his friends over after work to watch the SEC Championship game that he recorded from earlier that day. Graham was also really great all day long and was laughing and playing with me so I decided that while Chad has a guys night, I would have my girls night. :) We had so much fun playing Chinese Christmas and Christmas pictionary. I ended up coming home with the gift that Jennifer brought which was a picture album, brag album, journal, picture frame and santa socks! All of the albums certainly come in handy since I have new baby pictures, right?? :) I kept playing the "I have a baby" card whenever someone starting looking at my gift to steal from me. It must have worked cause no one took it. :)

April and Myself

Amy with the scarf and hat that I brought...this was stolen from her...and then stolen again...I didn't know it was going to be such a hit!

Me and Jennifer

It was my turn to draw and I got "DECK THE HALLS"...yeah, that was NOT an easy one to draw...

I had to go home to pump...I was getting quite uncomfortable...yeah, too much information, I know...but this is my blog, right? I can say what I want! :)

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