Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who do YOU think Graham looks like???

So, I played a lil bit on MyHeritage and I tried several different pictures and every single time it said that Graham equally looked like us.

Chad and I like to talk about whose features Graham has and so far we have determined the following:

From Mommy: His Eyes and Eyebrows, His Hair

From Daddy: Ears, Hands, Feet, his dimpled chin

Mimi (my mom): His nose

For a while, we have been trying to figure out where that nose came from because it certainly wasn't either one of ours...and then I saw Graham and Mimi together and knew exactly where that cute lil nose came from...his mimi...

We can't decide on whose mouth he has on him.

What do you think?


Jill said...

hands down...I really think he looks like your baby pic!

Lucy said...

He really does look so much like both of you. The eyes are without a doubt Stephanie's!! When he was first born I thought Graham looked more like Stephanie. But as he's getting older, he's looking more and more like Chad to me. He can't go wrong either way!! :)