Monday, March 30, 2009

our little penguin

i cleaned graham's closet out the other day and i found this tuxedo that his nana bought for him that he never wore so i decided to have chad put it on him before i packed it up. graham was not the least bit amused AT ALL! mommy and daddy sure were though. :) Sorry for putting you through that torture, baby boy.

daddy always makes everything so much better!

whew! what a rough night!


Amy, David and Caroline said...

Those are too adorable!! Too bad there isn't a wedding soon before he outgrows it :)

MELISSA said...

I love that 3rd picture of him. He's a doll.

The Burton Family said...

Awww how cute! I already need to go through Boston's closet b/c there is some things he hasn't ever gotten to wear and has outgrown them! Are you just storing all of your stuff? I bought some storage bins the other day so i guess we will save them for baby #2?