Monday, March 16, 2009

Pics of Graham

I was supposed to post these Saturday but I honestly just didn't feel up to it at all. I pretty much laid on the couch all day. I was so weak and tired. I also had crazy muscle spasms in my back all day. That did not feel good at all! As soon as Chad walked in from work, I pretty much had him put the entire tube of Ben Gay on my back. Now the couch has a permanent medicinal smell to it. lovely. made me feel so much better though. :) I know I have only been on my medication for four days but I guess I was just hoping for a miracle drug. So far, I am not feeling any better but hopefully I will very soon.

Chad and I didn't do much of anything while Graham was gone to Texarkana. Saturday night, I cooked a healthy dinner of grilled fish and veggies and we were asleep by 10pm. We woke up Sunday morning and did some shopping at Sam's and Super Wal-Mart. And had lunch at El Porton. I really wanted to go get some fresh produce at Fresh Market but by the time we were done with everything else, it was passed 1pm and I really wanted to meet Mimi in Arkadelphia ASAP so we could get Graham. I missed him so much and I just could not wait any longer.

Today, Graham and I are at home. Graham is sick with a bad cough and runny nose and I'm not feeling that hot. So we have been resting. G is napping right now.
Last night, we did figure out a way to get him to sleep all night without his swaddle blanket. Whenever we stay at Mimi's or G stays with Mimi without us, he always sleeps all night long without his swaddle and you know why??? because Mimi spoils him with putting so many soft pillows all around him. It always makes me so nervous because I am so scared of SIDS and him suffocating. But i figured that he is old enough now and he can move around so well so I just let go of my fears and accomodated him like his Mimi does...and you know what...he slept all night long. No swaddle. No crying. Just coughing. So from now on, we will not use the swaddle and we will continue with the pillows until he grows out of that. I guess he just likes feeling enclosed and when we would have him sleep in his crib without his swaddle, we didn't leave anything in the crib with him besides several pacifiers and one "lovie."

Chad and I had to put G's crocs on him! They would only fit with his socks on! We could NOT stop laughing it was so funny!

I put G in some shorts last Tuesday for school. That was the day it was almost 80 degrees outside...I wanted him to wear the shoes without socks but again, that was the only way they would fit.

Here is G the next day in his Ed Hardy onesie with his Hurley jeans. It was in the 50's. It's no wonder why he stays sick. crazy arkansas weather.

G with Mimi at Cracker Barrel in Arkadelphia.


Amy, David and Caroline said...

I love the new layout!! I need to put a new pic up at our heading, that is from November :) I love all Graham's outfits. There is no way Corbin is going to be as stylish as Graham. I used to be so nervous about SIDS, but now they are older, they can usually flip around anyways, so I think if those pillows make him sleep, then do it!!

hannah fulks said...

how is graham feeling? any better? i hope so!

how are you feeling?

i LOVE his crocs! we have some too! got them at target. i can't remember the brand, but i'm sure they are the same. i fell out laughing the first time we put them on pratt. it's so funny seeing "big people" stuff on babies :)

so glad he slept through the night. hope he keeps it up for you guys!

he is such a precious baby. such beautiful eyes!