Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dear graham

dear graham,

every day you look more and more like a little boy instead of my "newborn baby" and it's bittersweet. you are SOOOO full of personality and you are so funny. I absolutely adore your personality, it's so cute. this past weekend, we went to texarkana so you could spend time with mimi and poppi while mommy and daddy went to a crawfish boil in Hope with our best friends, Tabatha and Tal Rhodes (you will come to know them and their kiddos, payton and brady, very well). you are getting too big for Mimi to carry. she tried to carry you around outside while wrapped up in a blanket and you were slipping right out of her arms. i would say that you weigh around 20 pounds if not MORE. you are such a big boy. Mimi said that you will be carrying her around before we know it. friday night when we arrived, you were so excited and in such a playful mood. you wanted to bounce and jump all around. your legs are so strong and you absolutely LOVE standing on them. i stood you up and propped your hands on Mimi's ottoman and you stood up by yourself so well. i just could not believe it.

you are holding things in your hands so well and you always play with your paci and pass it from one hand to the other and then you want to throw it. you have quite an arm on you. maybe you will love baseball as much as mommy does. daddy isn't a huge fan. daddy pretty much lives, eats, sleeps, dreams RUGBY. It's his life, Graham. your daddy was a phenomenal Rugby player. we have so many pictures for you to see. it's daddy's dream that one day you will get to watch him play. daddy wants to play Rugby again so bad. daddy wants YOU to play rugby too but that makes mommy incredibly nervous. it looks rough, tough and dangerous and I swear if I ever saw you get hurt on the field, mommy would run out there and head butt someone. and i don't think you want to be embarrassed like that.

you are addicted to the television and i am so sorry for this. but mommy and daddy will NOT let you be a couch potato when you get older. no sir. we will be outside playing and having so much fun. I always sit on the couch with you and feed you your bottle and when I try to burp you, if the tv is on, you will break your neck to see what is on tv. it's so cute as much as i think it's bad.

in your bedroom, on your changing table, on the left side is where your lotions stay and everytime I change you, you have to reach completely over your head to grab whatever you can. and then you throw it...sometimes you want to smack mommy with it. you are so curious. and you used to be so still and so good when i would change your diaper. no more. you are the wiggliest worm.

you sleep every night ALL NIGHT LONG! it's so nice and mommy and daddy appreciate it so very much. we put you to bed around 8-830pm and you sleep until mommy wakes you up around 7am. I tell daddy all of the time how incredibly blessed we are to have you as our son. God has blessed us in so many ways. you are such a good and laid back baby. you just go with the flow no matter what. you don't HAVE to be on a schedule. sometimes we have to break your schedule and you are A OK with it. you just keep on trucking.

you are such an incredibly happy baby and i cannot tell you how much it warms me to the core. you are always laughing and smiling but you do have your moments where you are dead serious and you just want to study something or someone. Daddy has this funny voice and he says to you, "Where's tha baby?" and you just laugh and smile so big. you love your daddy soooo much and I tease daddy all of the time and tell him that you love him so much more than me. I know you love me. and I love how much you love him. as soon as daddy walks in the door from work, you just light up so bright. it's the sweetest bond I have EVER witnessed between a father and a son. you two are best buddies and I just LOVE it. You have such a wonderful dad and he will do anything for you and your happiness.

I love you so much, my lil man. you are the love of my life and I've never know a purer love than this.

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Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to cry...that was soo sweet baby!