Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Sunday I went to Old Navy to buy Graham a few of these to send to daycare with him. For some CRAZY reason, Child Development Center is making the infants go outside for 20 - 30 minutes every day as long as it's above 40 degrees. I'm not the least bit happy about it and neither are the teachers. But what can I do about it? I'm just going to have to send a lot of winter stuff so they can bundle my baby up. If he catches pneumonia, I will not be a happy mommy. He sure does look as cute as can be in it though. :) He loved wearing it too!

Wednesday we are all leaving to go to Texarkana to be with my mom and step-dad for Thanksgiving. We cannot wait!! We are all so excited. Mom's dressing is the absolute best!! Graham and I are going to leave Wednesday afternoon so I won't have to drive in the dark with G in the car. Chad is going to drive down as soon as he gets off of work. He will have to drive back to Little Rock Friday evening cause he will have to work Saturday. We are very thankful that he has Thursday and Friday off though. Graham and I are going to stay until Sunday. :) Nanna (Chad's mom) is going to be here in LR watching after the furry children. She has to work on Friday so she didn't want to go to Texarkana with us. I wish my brother was going to be able to be with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas but he is still in Iraq. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to see him in Feb. and for him to meet his nephew.

I'm so thankful to have all of you, my wonderful family and friends as a part of our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Jill said...

Oh my! I can't believe they are making the kids go outside in the cold!!! I'm sure that cute little outfit will keep him warm though! Not to mention, he'll be the best dressed kid int he class! He's so adorable! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Jennings said...

Graham looks so happy to be wearing that coat. I guess he knows how cute he looks! Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!


Ape said...

awwww... Gotcha! I was just fixin' to check it out when I got your comment!!! :( Guess that's good thinkin' then mommy!!!!

Hey my bro will be missing T-Day also b/c of Iraq, so pray for him and I'll pray for yours! ;)

Anonymous said...

He is such an adorable baby!!!

Anonymous said...


If you're wondering who Scott is...its me Kelly (Cherry) Adams...I dont know why my computer is sending from his address. Have a great Thanksgiving.

marie said...

hi stephanie - i saw some traffic come to my site from here, so had to come check it out. your little S is so adorable! you will LOVE LOVE that camera. take as many as you can. . . pictures are truly a gift we give our children & remeber to take lots of him with you. i started a 52 weeks of my kids and i (pics of me and my kids) - i have skipped some weeks, but i love having pictures of me with them too :)