Monday, November 17, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's....

Sweet lil Graham Neipling!!!

Daddy was flying Graham all over the house Sunday night and Graham just LOVED it!!! He was just a smilin' and droolin' like it was nobody's business! He was so in awe of everything that was around him being so high in the air...When Chad put him down, Graham was just watching his every move and was following him all over the room. Graham wanted MORE!! So Chad started making the "flying" noises and was walking towards Graham to pick him up to fly him around more and Graham's eyes got so wide with excitement! He was ready!! We had so much fun!

I kept trying to catch him smiling but my camera takes too long to FINALLY take the picture. I can't wait to get the Nikon D60 camera that Mimi and Poppi is buying us for Christmas!! We will no longer have that problem. :)


Lucy said...

Graham is such a cutie!! Love these pics. You will be sooooo happy with the Nikon D60. I got the Nikon D40 and absolutely adore it!! No more missing things like with my old camera. Precious baby boy having fun with his Daddy!!

Stacy said...

that kid is gorgeous!!....isn't mommy life the best!!