Monday, November 24, 2008

OUR NEW CAMERA... the most awesome thing in the WORLD!!! Well, not the most awesome but it's definitely great! The clarity of the pictures is just amazing!! It's mine and Chad's Xmas present from Mom and Greg and we got a great deal on it too!! Our friends, Amy and David Kelly, were able to help us get this camera through AAFES which is a military website and they sell ALL KINDS OF AWESOME STUFF (Mom and I used to shop there all of the time when her and Dad were married since Dad was in the Army). David is in the Airforce and ordered this camera for us (no shipping costs, no tax AND he was able to find a coupon for 90.00 off!! WOW!!) and it came in on Friday. So Amy, David and Caroline came over Saturday night to bring us our present! It's a Nikon D60. Forget about taking Graham to get his pictures made...mommy and daddy are going to be his personal photographers...following him every lil place he goes and taking pictures of every lil move he makes. :) I know he is just absolutely as excited as we are about it. Thank you so much Mom and Greg for our new toy!! And a big thank you to Amy and David as well! If it wasn't for you guys, we would have NEVER been able to find such a great deal!

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The Jennings said...

You will (I know you already do) love your SLR camera! I got a Sony Alpha 300 a month or so ago and can't put it down!