Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Graham's first fever

Monday afternoon around 3pm I received a phone call from Graham's daycare that he had a 101.4 fever and I had to come and pick him up. No mother wants to get that phone call...especially when it's the first time. So after I get off of the phone with CDC, I am in a state of panic and am so scatterbrained wondering WHAT SHOULD I DO? So I immediately call his pediatrician and Dr. A was out of the office but Dr. O was in so I made an appt to bring Graham in. I like Dr. O too so I was glad that I was able to see another doctor that I had talked to before. Dr. O was the on call doctor when I had Graham at Baptist so he saw Graham his third and forth day in the hospital. He was also the dr. that we talked with about his jaundice and who put him on phototherapy. So I rush to the daycare and my poor baby just looked pitiful...Ms. Karen was feeding him when I got there and he just looked up at me with the saddest, most pitiful eyes.
:( Ms. Tracey told me that Graham also had diahrea 3 times throughout the day and that his booty irritation turned into a pretty bad diaper rash. Triple whammy. Poor Poor thing.

When we got called back into the doctor's room, they took Graham's temperature and it was 99.4 which Dr. O said they really didn't consider it a fever until it reaches 100 but he wanted me to give him Tylenol and keep a watch on his temp. About his diahrea, they took a stool sample from his diaper and tested it for Rotovirus. That came back negative, thank goodness. Dr. said he could have a slight stomach bug since it's been going around or it could be from something in my breastmilk from something that I ate. He just told me to keep an eye out on that too. Now finally about his diaper rash...Dr. said that he has seen MUCH MUCH worse (he could tell I was very upset about it and wanted the pain that Graham was feeling to GO AWAY NOW!!) and for me to just wash his bottom with warm water (no wipes at all) and to let it air dry and to use hydrocortizone cream and to also just let him lay around naked for a while. The more air and less moisture on his bottom, the better.

While we were at the Drs office and afterwards as well, Graham was smiling and playful with mommy and didn't act like he felt bad anymore. I think he was just acting that way at daycare so he could come home with mommy. My baby already knows how to play hooky! Sneaky Sneaky lil thing!

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