Thursday, November 20, 2008

"That" Moment Finally Arrived...

If you know me, you know that from the moment we found out that I was pregnant I got my hands on any and everything that I could possibly read. I also have my dear friend Lucy to thank as well because she gave me a TON of pregnancy books and believe me, Chad and I read EVERY SINGLE ONE. AND MORE! Chad even went out and bought him some Daddy books so he could know exactly what to expect and what he should do as a daddy to be. Dr. (my OB) always told me I was reading way too much because I was always in her office asking her about all kinds of things that I had read about. Well, the same thing goes for baby's first year and motherhood...yes, I am still reading a ton of books and magazines. I can never get enough...I must know it all. I want to know how Graham should be developing, how much he should weigh, things to look for, etc. I have a book "Baby's First Year: Week by Week" that I keep up with every week as Graham grows. When his 8th week came around, it said that at this time he should show excitement when he sees Chad and/or me. So I kept waiting for that...and nothing...he wasn't even smiling just a whole lot like the book said he should be doing. We would just get the occasional grin. Graham's 9th week came around and still....nothing...I was getting so sad and started to wonder if he just wasn't a happy baby even though he seemed to be or maybe he just didn't like mommy or daddy. Or maybe his personality is just calm and studious and not full of excitement. Or maybe he is autistic. Yes, seriously. I'm neurotic, I know.
When I went to Graham's daycare on Monday, he was in his crib and was starting to awaken from his nap. So I went over to his crib and leaned over and started talking to him. He opened his eyes and saw me and guess what did I got? THE BIGGEST SMILE I've ever seen and he lifted his arms up ready for mommy to pick him up and hold him. I seriously wanted to just break down and cry right there but I didn't want Ms. Tracey or Ms. Karen to think I was nuts. It took 10 weeks for it to finally happen but it made me realize something. I can't push Graham to develop any faster than he is ready. He will do things at his own accord. My mom keeps telling me to let him do things when he wants to and to not make him grow up so fast. She's right. I can't keep pushing him. Like Dr. (Graham's pediatrician) told me: children develop at different times and no one kid is alike. Graham might start walking before another child his age does, but that child may start talking before Graham.

Lesson learned. :)


The Jennings said...

Oh my goodness, that is so true. If you start playing the game of "my child does this already" it will wear you out. Take it from someone whose kids did not walk until 18 and 19 months old! There is a very wide range of "normal" when it comes to their development and that is what makes them who they are. Just cherish every moment! Gretchan

Lucy said...

What a fantastic thing to learn early! Andrew just turned one and cruises furniture but doesn't walk on his own yet. His YOUNGER cousin has been walking for months. Two other babies in our family were born within the same month, and they all have different time tables for smiles, teeth, crawling, eating, you name it. I love to see Graham's sweet smile!! :)