Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 months and some pictures

I took Graham to see Dr. this morning for his 9 month check-up. she said that he obviously has no problem eating. stating the obvious, i suppose.

23.25 pounds - 90th percentile
29 inches long - 70th percentile
45.3 cm head circumference - 50th percentile

All is well with G. he is developing as he should be. and he is all over the place. by the time we left her office, i was exhausted. next time, chad better come with me. our child was crawling back and forth on the long table, crinkling up the table paper, throwing toys everywhere. all of this within five minutes. sheez.

We are awaiting a call from AR Children's Hospital to schedule Graham for an ultrasound. He is going to hate me for telling this but he has a testicle that has retracted and won't come down. So we are going to get an ultrasound to see where it is and if it will have to be surgically pulled down. Sorry Graham for telling your business. Please forgive mommy.

Right now, like I said earlier, our child is all over the place.

he is now pulling up to stand.

he makes "clucking" sounds with his tongue.

he throws his arms up in the air all of the time like he's doing the touchdown sign.

he is still dancing away. loves it.

he hates it when mommy gets the big camera out. my happy smiling baby turns into a mad disgrunted child.

he has started throwing fits when we take something away from him that he wants.

we have to wrestle with him when it comes time to change his diaper. he just hates to lay down period unless it's naptime or bedtime.

he knows his name and understands "no". but when you tell him "no" he looks at you and gives you the cutest smile and it's so hard not to smile back because gosh darnit, he's so freakin adorable. but if you don't smile and keep a stern look on your face, then he will stop.

he likes olives. like his daddy. certainly did not get that from me.

i have a hard time getting his pants over his thighs. sorry graham. this is my fault.

here he is waving

i love these New Balance shoes that I got for him...so cute!

prairie dog...we NEVER see these come out of their hole...but it was feeding time and we got lucky

Challenge Update:
The 42 Day Challenge is now over and I lost a total of 7 pounds! YAY!! I'm thrilled!!
But we have now started another challenge and it's 12 weeks long and this time we will be taking body measurements to see how many inches we have lost. I haven't had a chance to work out as much but I think I walked more than enough at the convention center during our conference to count for something. Right now i am trying to get us all back into our routine and get everything back to normal at the house so it hasn't left me for ANY free time. but I am still drinking LOTS of water and eating right.
Wish me luck on Challenge #2.
i will let you know when we will go to Children's for Graham's ultrasound.


~Bekah said...

Praying for graham's appointment! Hopefully he won't be too mortified when he's older for you telling this! haha...
pray for us, tomorrow i'm being induced! :) YEAH!! we go in to wadley at 7:30am :) super pumped! i'm gonna be a mommy!!!

jill said...

g is so dadgum PRECIOUS! hope the poor guy doesn't need surgery!!!

My name is Megan... said...

that last picture is adorable of his smile!!!