Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poor Poor Pitiful Baby

Doesn't he just look terrible??? It absolutely kills me to see him look so bad and I know he feels just as bad as he looks too. But he still keeps a smile on his face (for the most part...certainly NOT while we were at the dr).

This morning, I had my thyroid checkup and my levels are still four points higher than they should be which explains why I've been feeling ick lately. So she upped my dosage of the Synthroid. I'm a little frustrated about that though because I JUST got my refill so I have over a hundred 75 mg pills that will go to waste but hopefully upping my dosage will make me feel a lot better. Think I can return the pills for a refund?!?! :) I hate wasting money as much as I hate wasting paper. well, money is paper. you know what i mean.

This afternoon, I took Graham to the dr. to figure out what in the world is going on with him. He has Sinusitis (sinus infection). So I guess he is going to take after his daddy and nana after all. :( He was NOT happy while we were in the room waiting for the dr. He doesn't like to be held for very long at all anymore. All he wants to do is get on the floor and crawl around and play. And well, I should have just let him get on the floor to crawl around but I just couldn't make myself do it. So I held him. And he fought me. and gave me a good whack in the eye and lip. and then kicked me really hard. he was an absolutely JOY today. ha! I'm just glad that we finally know what is wrong. He is on a 10 day antibiotic and she told me to also give him Zyrtec in the morning and Benedryl at night like I have been doing. I really hope the amoxicillian knocks the sinus infection out FAST!

he also has eczema on his face. his former pediatrician told me that it was nothing and it's normal and common. Our new one that we saw today said that it WAS eczema and for us to treat it with either vaseline or 1% hydrocortizone cream.

I finally got a picture of Graham's two bottom teeth too!! I can't believe that he held still long enough for a picture!!

alrighty. i'm out of here to check on mr. cranky pants. he's passed out in his doorway jumper. picture coming soon.

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MELISSA said...

love those little teeth!