Saturday, June 20, 2009

Splish Splash

Thursday we all stayed home for my birthday so we decided to get Graham's turtle pool out to let him "swim". He had so much fun...until he figured out that he could crawl out of there if he wanted.

trying to catch water in his mouth...such a character

Daddy was squirting water from his hands and Graham was trying to catch it in his mouth.

Are those bruises all over Graham's forehead?? You betcha. This little boy is tenacious and has NO fear, that is for sure. he is ALLLLLLL BOY. 100%. and he has momma worn out.


Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

so fun! cute pictures!! so what did you get for your birthday??? besides a day off? ha!

jill said...

love the pool pics! he is such a cute little swimmer boy!!!! and as much as i hate that he's bruised up too, i'm glad to see that my child isn't the only one with a polka-dotted forehead. that kid wears me out!

MELISSA said...

hey! i just got internet and am getting caught up on blog reading.
i have to say i love the new blog header pic! he's such a cutie!

oh, and happy late bday!!!