Monday, June 15, 2009

Best of Friends

My future Beethoven

Saturday afternoon, Amy kept Graham for a few hours while I helped host a baby shower for Shauntel. I felt absolutely TERRIBLE having to ask Amy to watch Graham especially since she is almost nine months pregnant and she also has Caroline Mae who is 11 months old AND David was out of town. But she was my last resort. Thank God for awesome friends. she is just the absolute sweetest person i know and would do anything for anyone. She is truly one of a kind and I am certainly blessed to have her as one of my closest friends. graham and caroline just absolutely love playing together and it's been a couple of months since they have seen each other.
Both of our lil ones have allergies and it's no fun for them or for us. Saturday night, Graham's left eye got so swollen and red and then it was purple under his eye. He also had a 104 temperature. I was hoping that he would follow after me and not have allergy/sinus problems like his daddy but I'm afraid that isn't going to be the case. I've been alternating between giving him a little bit of Benedryl and Zyrtec. It seems to be helping him a little bit. His eye looks A LOT better but his nose is just terrible. This morning it started bleeding from being so raw because of wiping it so much. I feel so terrible for him but I don't know what else to do. I keep Vaseline on it and keep his humidifier on all night. By the time I wake him up in the morning, his snot is completely dried up and pretty much covering his nostril openings. Thank Goodness for boogie wipes. i need to send the inventor a candy basket because they are awesome and it's pure genius.

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