Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Invitations

i just couldn't wait any longer to post his bday invites. i got graham's invitations in the mail today and they are soooooo cute!!! Marie is so awesome and I can't wait for the next event in our lives cause she will definitely be the one that documents it. Marie also did graham's birth annoucement and our holiday cards.


MELISSA said...

they are all wonderful! he has grown so much since those birth announcements.

happy early birthday, graham!

jill said...

love it!!!! can't wait to see party pics of the big boy on his big day! happy birthday, g!

hannah said...

LOVE the invitations!!! they are so cute.

are we related? or maybe twins? because i was totally wanting to do the "jungle theme" first bday party!!!

i love the "p is for party" and "g is for graham"! so cute!

3scotts said...

those are adorable!! can't believe he's almost one!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

so cute!! can i just say that you have to stop!! I am still working on C's invites. Her party is first you know!! hehe!